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Unveiled: The Song That's Changing How We See the World - 'Colours' by Fallin' Astronauts!

Fallin' Astronauts "Colours" Promo
Fallin' Astronauts "Colours" Promo

Experience the indie-pop sensation that's taking the internet by storm – 'Colours'

Austria-based indie-pop duo Fallin' Astronauts are making waves with their latest single, "Colours." Formed in 2020, the duo, comprising Mars (lead singer, pianist, and occasional guitarist) and Eris (lead guitarist, background vocalist, and primary instrumentalist), have carved a blend of bright guitar riffs, and polyphonic vocals, mixed with spherical elements both dreamy and refreshing.

"Colours" mirrors the hues of life, inspired by a vivid sunset that the band witnessed while driving home. It's a track that celebrates life's diverse facets and is a nod to the Pride flag, symbolizing tolerance and peace in a world often marred by prejudice and stereotypes. The message is clear – never judge a book by its cover.

The duo's musical style is an amalgamation of influences ranging from classical rock and indie to pop and hip-hop, with a hint of electronic and EDM elements. This eclectic mix is reminiscent of their inspirations from bands such as Coldplay, Kodaline, U2, and Radiohead.

The Coldplay influence stands out as clear as day. From the artwork which is similar to "Music Of The Spheres" and "Parachutes" through to the opening guitar riff and effects, nostalgic to the tones of "Princess Of China" ft Rihanna.

"Colours" itself is an upbeat indie-pop track with acoustic vibes, designed to inspire openness and a stand for tolerance.

Fallin' Astronauts, who have already performed in their hometown Vienna, are expanding their horizons with a planned tour in 2024 and collaborations with Korean artists and an Austrian EDM artist. These collaborations underline the band's commitment to musical diversity and cultural exchange.

Recorded in their home studio in Vienna and with the help of various sound engineers across Austria, "Colours" is not just a song; it's an ethos. It embodies the band's belief in spreading love over hate, an ethos vividly captured in their music. The production process, a collaborative effort with their graphic designer, ensures that their visuals are as captivating as their sound.

In the words of Fallin' Astronauts, they are "Astronauts in the musical multiverse," a fitting description for a band whose music transcends boundaries and genres. "Colours" is more than a song – it's a journey through the spectrum of life, urging listeners to embrace diversity in every hue.

Genres: Indie Pop, Indie Folk, Melodic Pop Rock, Indie Rock, Euphoric Rock, Soft Rock

Moods: Uplifting, Energetic, Reflective, Empowering, Catchy, Vibrant

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