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USTHREE - Just Come Over


Just Come Over

Frankston, Australia

Credit - Nic Roberts Media

USTHREE are not messing around with their latest single, ‘Just Come Over.’ It’s soul music with so much jazz that you can’t help but smile. It's got an underlying pop theme that keeps the melody straight but the draw is how smooth it is. It's buttery, foamy, the funk hits thick like fudge and the vocals slide over top in velvet loafers. You feel a presence that goes straight to your shoulders and gets them swinging. ‘Just Come Over’ is a modern jazz-pop single at its best. In the middle, a rap section hits you off balance, it picks you up and gets you moving to a whole new rhythm. It moulds the flow, the instrumentals keep the time and it's warm all over.

When a song makes you smile that’s music. When a song makes you laugh, that’s magic. USTHREE have proven themselves as world-class magicians with ‘Just Come Over.’



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