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V-TRAIN is back with his fifth album - Lo-Fi Sensation



Lo-Fi Sensation

Lansdale, United States




V-Train is back with his latest album, Lo-Fi Sensation. As some of you will already know, V-Train has been a regular Artist over here at TJPL News. - Some of our recent coverage of V-Train can be found here:

I was super excited to learn of the news that V-Train was releasing his third album, Lo-Fi Sensation, and jumped at the chance to review it! The album consists of 10 songs that implement Jazz and Hip-Hop beats containing both original and sampled content. So, let's get into it then! The project opens with #GoneFishing, a track with dreamy twee-sounding synths and a heavy bassline. The piece takes you straight into a mindful state, as though you have actually gone fishing to sit with your thoughts. The subtle trap loops and claps add rhythm to the project along with sprinkles of key synths. #PassingStorms merges key synth melodies and smooth bass with an infectious old-school boom-bap to create a piece that is truly different and unique. #CalmSensation brings vocal samples into the mix alongside a smooth bassline and steady hip-hop drum loop. There's a gorgeous melody in this track that sounds harp-like - this is a dreamy piece for sure! I love the way that the samples have been used - I think you will too! #MyCave samples water sounds and simplistic keys creating something that will intrigue listeners in the opening bars. As the track develops there are some soulful vocal chops and simple yet effective drum loops. #LateNightSession takes listeners into a nightlike R.EM state through its deeper composition elements. I love the Jazz influence within this piece, the deepness of the tone works well with the other elements of the piece. #JazzyNights keeps to a similar vibe that is full of DJ deck scratching, slow hip-hop drum loops and Jazz inspired keys. #Wait has a distorted and experimental feel within its lines which I enjoyed hearing. This track takes the listener into another area of the artist's abilities where he has perfected his craft. #PainfulPast has a sadness within it that is carried by the haunting vocal samples. I really love the way that this artist has sat with his thoughts on this one. #WishfulThinking gives listeners a sense of pain and hope in the same breathe through the dreamy synths and the minor undertones. The trap soul vocal chops fill the track with a lot to think about! Lo-Fi Sensations concludes with a piece entitled #BlockParty. This piece leaves listeners with a funky Lo-Fi ending that will excite vocal chop lovers! V-Train has done a madness again through this album and I can't wait to hear more!



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