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VELIKA VELIKA's 'Sees The Sun': A Burst of Indie Pop Sunshine in a Joyful Debut Single

You’re in for a great one. VELIKA VELIKA’s debut single, ‘SEES THE SUN,’ is a joyous foray into the wild world of indie pop. A journey that, for most, would be treacherous and daunting VELIKA VELIKA has made look easy as pie. The track circles around some hard deep acoustic guitars. They get that melody rolling, but you can’t tell where it will end up. The synths start to drop in around those golden vocals. They both hit the guitar with a splash of colour. The vocals take up the head and the synths sit behind. Together they create a mist of tone, a morning dew of delightful harmonies. Then, the sun comes up in the form of the chorus. The mist is heated, changed into billowing white clouds overhead as the melody grows and changes, becoming expansive and sharpening its hook. The vocals dip into oohs and ahhs — and when a good ooh and ahh gets you, the world just seems right.

‘SEES THE SUN’ is glorious. It shoots sunshine into you in its purest form. It warms you up, gets you smiling and, most importantly, gets you humming that melody all day long. Indie pop just got another star in the sky, and this one’s as big as the sun. Fantastic.



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