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Venusia's 'Think Peace': A Sonic Croissant of Indie and Americana, Layering Heartwarming Melodies

Venusia have brought us some smooth and buttery heartwarming tones in their single, ‘Think Peace.’ Their sound fuses the mellow tones of contemporary indie rock with the classic bluesy vibes of Americana jam bands. The resulting sound is one I fell in love with from the get-go and cannot get enough of. It’s the texture of that guitar and how it blends with the supple bass lines that slide up from the deep. Somewhere in there is a bold and colourful vocal melody hiding in wait, and when it jumps out at you, my oh my is that a treat. The glory of two-part harmonies layer over one another in the chorus, giving us some ‘Ba Ba Ba Ba Bam Ba Dum’s’ that will stick in your head for years and years.

Why I love this song so much is its smoothness. It folds like croissant dough, silky smooth on the surface but becoming more layered through the middle. Each change happens within the blink of an eye and somehow you never see them coming, they wash over you like warming waves of tone and blues. ‘Think Peace’ is a song that thrives on good times and good hearts. At its core are two voices singing because of the joy of music, and you can feel that. Venusia have captured the feeling of inspiration and shared it with the world. A treasure of a single.



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