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Blood & Bone

Baltimore, MD, United States

Opening our Top 10 videos this week is the one and only David Arn with his second single/video from his latest album 'Watershed'. Merging the foundations of Roots/Americana and Folk sees this singer-songwriter create songs that are truly intriguing to any music lover! The video is one of curiosity from the onset where a blonde-haired woman is seen to be shuffling a deck of cards - Wonderland perhaps? I won't give too much away and spoil it for you so make sure that you hit play above for some storytelling and multidisciplinary-inspired guitar riffs! - A beautifully produced song along with stunning visuals.


See Through

London, United Kingdom

Following on from the success of his critically acclaimed debut single, Connor Mac is back with his second single ‘See Through’, marking a pop anthem that slays and is here to stay!

‘See Through’ was written, recorded and produced by the man himself in his home studio in Switzerland, resulting in the production of an emotive anthem that compels the listener to take a deep breath and find their confidence from within. The track was mastered in Australia by Grammy award winner Joe Carra (Courtney Barnett/ The Teskey Brothers /King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard).

Now, let's go through this nearly four-minute masterpiece, shall we? Immediately setting the scene are the gorgeously saturated guitar strums and, the rawness of the scratching sounds as the artist transitions between chords. This is something that always strums my heartstrings. Speaking of strings, this production lays on a bed of orchestral ones that lift every cinematic feeling from within.

The lyrics - perfection. The voice - Perfection. The guitarist - Perfection. The premise? Connor Mac's "See Through" = Perfection. This is a song and a voice that is reminiscent of Shawn Mendez in its rawness, and let me tell you this, if this song doesn't enter the UK charts there's something very wrong! Do your bit and give it a stream or 1000!


Indigo Sky

Orlando, FL, United States

‘Indigo Sky’ by KRISTOPHER is a heart-wrenching powerhouse of a single, a new-age ballad that hits great heights while feeling conversational and indie. ‘Indigo Sky’ is certainly a song that comes from the heart, throughout we can hear the emotional vocals of KRISTOPHER battling against the lyrics to keep hold of the melody. Provoking feelings of Nick Drake’s Pink Moon, we are floated through an evening, whistling through the clouds and trudging through the thick night gloom.

It is a single that feels like more, the skill on offer here is diverse and expansive and I cannot wait to hear what comes next from this heartfelt poet.

The song opens with KRISTOPHER’s hearth-fire vocals, they drop the guitar right into the thick of it. It's acoustic and it's plucking away at a melodic backing that carries the song with focus into a flat build that sets you up and lets you out like a deep sigh. The chorus breathes over you like a morning fog and you can see the ‘Indigo Sky’ if you try. The standout factor of this single for me is the vocals, well supported by the backing instrumental glows in the nightlight. ‘Indigo Sky’ is a stellar offering from a new upcoming artist that you should certainly keep your eyes ears and heart on. (FREDDIE MCKEE)


House By The Sea

Brighton, United Kingdom

And now it's time for Brighton based Chloe Leigh's freshest release 'House By The Sea' . The studio version of this track was released just this morning! This beautiful track opens with the sound of a musical jewellery box before the slow introduction of folk guitar plucks and gorgeous vocal layers! The harmonies within this piece are stunning and so are the lyrics! I could listen to this song again and again. Its stripped back simplicity is truly something magical!

The song is about there being more to life than work stress. A fitting release date considering that it is Stress Awareness Week! The song was written during the challenges at the peak of the Covid-19 pandemic to act as a reminder to take a deep breath and relax. Acting as an affirmation, it urges listeners to visualise what truely matters to them whether it be dream house by the sea, or whatever your own place of calm entails.

This is one of my favourite songs to come through to us this week. So, get listening!


Love Me Like I Am Ft. Jordin Sparks

Nashville, United States

On October 7, 2022 something magical blessed this universe -- Multi-GRAMMY® Award-winning duo FOR KING + COUNTRY released a collaborative version of their track 'Love Me Like I Am' featuring Multi-Platinum recording artist Jordin Sparks.

Opening with a mega production, to begin a song before scaling things back for the verses is something that is sometimes seen as a risk, but not for this pairing! 'Love Me Like I Am' is the ultimate feel-good love song that is versatile enough to relate to the perceptions of any listener. The lyrics take the narrative of the insecurities of the artists' personas and transpire them into a high-energy synth-backed performance. There's a feeling of pop meets synth-rock in this gorgeous production - similar to that of modern Coldplay. Jordin Sparks adds some punch to an already super catchy song.

If synth rock/pop with a load of bell synths and swirling vocals are a bit of you, then make sure that you check out the way that these two distinct artists merge to create this piece!

Both parties offer two distinct parts within the piece and end their musical journey in true unity as they conclude the song in sync.


My Show

Harefield, United Kingdom

Stop in your tracks, Dirty Mitts are back to steal your attention! After speeding their way through a bold and blistering collection of alt-rock performances, London-based the group are back with a brand new track once again! The title of their latest release is 'My Show' and true to its title, it is in fact a showstopping performance indeed.

The four-piece consists of Tommy (singer), Matt (bass player), Mo (both guitarists) and Mateusz (drums) all of whom offer a rich and distinct sound from various parts of the UK, Poland, and Egypt.

‘My Show’ continues their quest to present rich and enigmatic textures from start to finish through the use of energising refreshing riffs and out-of-this-world hooks throughout.

"You can scrub and scrub, but the Dirt just won’t come off!" - DIRTY MITTS, My Show


Alles Soll Schön Sein

Berlin/Leipzig, Germany

Now it's time for a little new wave indie in the form of the German band, Deltawelle. The inspiration behind their name comes from the revelation that the main songwriter of the group produces song ideas unexpectedly at night just before sleep. The group, therefore, named themselves after the graphic representation of a brainwave. Cool right?

Their latest release isn't just that in itself, rather it marks their DEBUT release. So, what is the song called and what does it translate to mean in English? 'Alles soll schön sein' meaning Everything should be beautiful is the answer to both of those questions. The song addresses the feeling of desperately failing to capture happiness.

The band are a talented bunch who produce everything themselves - which is the marker of a determined group of minds. Listeners are guaranteed to get swept away in the obscure funk-based basslines and Ska-inspired lead guitar strums.

A nice bit of synth indie rock adds a sense of futuristic coolness to the production along with the layered vocals and high energy of the overall production. This is a really great piece, especially for a debut release. I'm looking forward to hearing more from Deltawelle in the near future.

Indie Rock marries dance in this track! Get it on repeat!


Back From Blue

Dublin, Ireland

'Back from Blue' marks one piece of the puzzle for Dublin-based independent artist Gavin Doyle. The song offers a quarter of a collection of tracks offered by the star in his newly released EP, 'Treading Water'. The EP was formed during the artists' time in lockdown during the peak of the Covid-19 pandemic. It was at this time that Doyle decided to voice his feelings of isolation but also his hope for better things to come.

'Back from Blue' is the final song on this raw and honest EP. The beginning will open the heart of any listener through its folk story-telling technique and harmonious vocal layers. Two artists immediately came to mind whilst listening to this song - the first was Ed Sheeran due to the chord transitions and the second is Dermot Kennedy in storytelling abilities.

This is a song that I will listen to again and again - I've genuinely discovered an artist who moves my soul. This is a beautifully crafted, well-told story.

In fact, the whole EP is a masterpiece and I for one can't wait to watch this artist as he flourishes into all of the things he wishes to. I would 100% part with my money to purchase a copy of this project, so make sure you at least give it a listen by clicking the link above (it's free).


World On Fire

Royston, United Kingdom

‘World on Fire’ is the folky rock single that you’ll be listening to over and over this year. Mark Shepherd has filled the single with beautiful guitar tones, a smooth drum beat and texture and harmonic melodies that will warm you up no matter how cold you get. With a sound that hits like a country lover's Stereophonics, Mark Shepherd whittles away the beats of ‘World on Fire’ with confidence, passion and skill. The sound is classic, yet new. It feels like ‘World on Fire’ is a single that was always meant to be.

Mark Shepherd opens the song up with an acoustic guitar strumming to a chord progression that is simple in its construction but deviously complicated in its playing. A real skill can be heard in its rhythm and it adds so much to the character of the song. The vocals feel homely and are brilliant at sewing a melody throughout the verse and into the chorus where the sound climbs ever higher through the use of harmonies and layering percussion.

‘World on Fire’ is through and through a folk-rock staple. Many artists do it, but no one does it quite like Mark Shepherd.

‘World on Fire’ does not mark the end of Mark Shepherd’s discography, once you fall in love with this single, be sure to check out the myriad of brilliant sounds that this artist has produced over the years. (FREDDIE MCKEE)



Toronto, Canada

Toronto-based, (via Kenya & Rwanda) singer, songwriter, producer and artist Jozem has returned to share the cinematic, aphotic and deeply self-reflective new visual for single ‘Foreign’. Soul-stirring, strange and uniquely exotic ‘Foreign’ is the lead single taken from his self-produced debut album it came to me in a dream released in May. Featuring endless, ambient angles encased in shadows, ‘Foreign’, is fluid, moving from scene to scene continuously, with viewers swept away, following its gentle, pressing energy as more of the theme transpires.

Commenting on the visual Jozem states,

“When we are young and impressionable, we learn to conform and mould ourselves into a form that is acceptable to others. When alone and often sleepless at night, we sometimes get to a crossroads where we are left unable to hide and are forced to face ourselves - our true selves - and face our demons, really confronting the elements of our being that we have been taught to hide but that are ultimately part of who we are. (Provided by the artist)


  • DAVID ARN Blood & Bone

  • CONNOR MAC See Through

  • KRISTOPHER Indigo Sky

  • CHLOE LEIGH House By The Sea


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