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Updated: Sep 17, 2022



JESSE GROSSI - She Lost Control

Los Angeles, United States

Another reappearance comes from Los Angeles-based Jesse Grossi. Back in July Jasmine reviewed their video release for "Road Takes Me". I recall this video being very Disney's "Robin Hood" in feel. Now back with the video for "She Lost Control", Jesse Grossi brings something fresh to the table whilst sticking to those cartoon vibes of their past visuals. Bringing a feel of South Park meets Family Guy, this video holds a space of comedy within it whilst keeping to the story of the track. I really enjoyed watching this and I'm looking forward to hearing and seeing more from these creatives!




Vancouver, Canada

Canadian artist Dust Cwaine made it into our Sunday Slowdown back in July with their track "90's Darling" having loved the piece I was super excited to hear about the visual content of Cwaine's latest release for the track "Aliens In LA". This is a video that does not disappoint! Beginning with the classic sparkle of the 80s, this video offers a backdrop for the classic indie pop/indie rock sound of the artist. I love to see artists completely free and authentic in their craft and this piece has done it perfectly!



DORIAN - Proud

Baltimore, MD, United States

Baltimore-based artist "Dorian" is no stranger to TJPL NEWS. Having made our radar several times in the past we now introduce you to his latest project. “Proud” is the latest music video from Dorian’s album “The Arrival” (which is out now!). The song itself is an electro-pop anthem that will get you moving for sure! The video itself brings a lot to the table in regard to visual effects. Opening with a classic old film ident, this video weaves between old the old classics of 40s video to modern day visuals. The mix between monotone and colour allows the audience to hold on to classics whilst remaining in the current day whilst the artist showcases memories from a perception of the current moment.




London, United Kingdom

London-based Rockstars "MDX" are back with their latest video release for their song "Living". Here we get to hear the signature sound of the group against an interesting backdrop. The visuals offer a cartoon-style overlay that merges reality with non-fiction. Some really effective use of camera tricks and editing has been used to offer a dynamic feel. From elements that have been sped up to those that have been put into slow motion, this video offers a wonderland of visuals. I'd definitely recommend watching this one. A confusing yet satisfying experience all around from "MDX".



ATREM - All Night Cinema

Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo-based "genre-less music production unit" atrem has released their latest music video for their track entitled "All Night Cinema". Containing a piano melody, mellow vocals, and an industrial beat the song itself is split into two parts. The video is highly captivating offering its audience visuals that are thought-provoking in line with the opening piano and smooth vocals. Here we see the flawless flow of ink inside water as raindrops layer our screens. As the video develops, we continue to see through a raindrop-covered lens. The video itself is an art form to be watched!




Secaucus, United States

Clay Joule released their music video for their latest track "NOTHING" under the label of TRUWAN STUDIO on the 25th of July 2022. The song gives appearances by musicians Clay Joule, Wassim Rahman and Leon Dombrowski. The song itself is super funky, reminiscent of old-school funk with a hint of blues. The video opens with a psychedelic feel, showcasing a closeup visual of an eye. This intrigues listeners to keep watching for what is to come next. As the visuals transition, we see a lot more storytelling content which I would suggest that you watch!





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