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Videos - 10/06/2022



Robin Cisek - Zeus

Edmonton, Canada

Canadian Métis electro-pop musician Robin Cisek presents the video for 'Zeus'. Produced by JUNO-Award winning producers Brad Simons and Brandon Unis, ’Zeus’ is Robin's first release since her acclaimed debut album Delicate Minds in June 2021. When talking about the inspiration behind the track Robin Cisek informed us that she has “always enjoyed reading and watching stories from history and the stories about the Greek gods, particularly the ones about Zeus". In this video and song, the artist plays upon how immorality is simultaneous but contradictory to the public as a powerful figure. The artist aims to make the connection between relationships and how these contradictions can often create dangerous, harmful, and addictive relationships.



Snakedoctors - Too Many (Feat. Christine Corless)

Gdansk, Poland

The video for Snakedoctors' 'Too Many' was made in Ukraine and in Gdansk, PL. Most of the scenes were filmed near Zhytomyr with Helen Thomson who comes from that part of Ukraine. There are also a few Snakedoctors live show scenes in the video which add something refreshing and personal to their journey. This is a really cool video packed with great visuals and a great sound.



Empty Cans in Outer Space - Zabble Dub

Mannheim, Germany

This week 'Empty Cans in Outer Space' sent us their video for 'Zabble Dub' and we think that it's great! The comic book sketch-inspired visuals offer something refreshing and different to the visuals when compared to the standard or animation videos that we usually see. The way that the visuals transition is very clever and unique. Even when the sketch images are fixed, the gradients move in almost a glitchy way. This is a video that you have to see to understand!



deep dive species - One Hand Clap

New York, United States

The video for 'One Hand Clap' by deep dive species has a lot to offer. In the opening, we can see a plane in the sky that appears to be moving backward, which really intrigued me. In the next scene, we see the song title featured INSIDE of that plane. I like that little touch, it's a great transition. As the video progresses we see that everything that is in motion within the frame is moving backward. This made me curious. The number of scenes in this video a vast and ranges from people in the streets to cars on the road and planes in the sky. A must for curious minds!


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