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Updated: Nov 5, 2022


DAX – Depression

Wichita, United States

Well well well, look who's back again at Number 1, it's only the superstar himself, Dax! I always look forward to seeing what story Dax has to tell through his lyricism and his artwork/visuals. After eagerly awaiting a new release from the artist I found myself wondering if he would use one of his songs from his latest album or whether it would be a completely fresh one. It was the latter! The video for his latest single entitled 'Depression' is one that yet again captures and portrays the concept of his story perfectly. Starting with a visual of a man (Dax) in a (sea) storm pretty much sums up the nature of depression in one flash. Dax doesn't leave it there, instead, this is where he begins and goes backwards to tell the story. I won't spoil it for you, click the video above!



Nashville, United States

Wyn Starks became a household name after taking to the stage during “America’s Got Talent” where he shared parts of his personal journey as well as his singing abilities. “Who I Am” is a song that marks a tribute to his late twin brother, and when the song was performed during the show judges and fans all had a similar reaction. Two standing ovations and tears from Sofia Vergara paint an image as to how special this release is.

It takes just the opening few seconds of a song to know whether you've found a gem - and this song is more than a gem, it's a diamond. From the moment I first hit play, I became consumed with the energy of the whole song which is something that has cemented Starks' spot in our Ones2Watch!


KELSIE KIMBERLIN - Cosmopolitan Girl

Washington, DC, United States

Coming in at Number 3 this week is Kelsie Kimberlin's video for Kelsie Kimberlin's release 'Cosmopolitan Girl'. If this name rings a bell then that's exactly what it should be doing! We featured her single 'What We Had' earlier in the week here

Now, back to this release! The first thing that stands out to me is the mark of solidarity to Ukraine but delving deeper into the videography there is a lot to get excited about! Drone footage of Paris anybody? How about shadow tricks and hyper lapses? Landmarks? New York? Kyiv? Seol? Cairo? Tokyo? London? Shanghai? Dubai? A catchy hook? It really was a hard decision this week! Well, hit play then what are you waiting for?!


EX EN PROVENCE - How Long Can We Hang

London, United Kingdom

Another hard choice to make this week but I decided to put 'How Long Can We Hang' by London based EX EN PROVENCE in at Number 4 this week. Where do I begin with this one then?! What could be more refreshing than vibrant animation of the sky and greenery? Well, this is a super cool mixture that offers watchers a lot of green, white and blue before transitioning to the neutral colours of the earth. I really enjoyed the way that the visuals change in perfect synchronisation with the song itself. The song itself has a warmness about it that feels warm and cosy just in time for the Winter season. This reminds me of a classic UK Chrismas Chart Song, and maybe it will become one!



Salt Lake City, United States

Moksha is Spanish hip-hop storytelling at its best. A song about leaving toxic relationships and bad friendships behind, and finding optimism for the future, Khoriantor and Poetic Justis deliver powerful vocal performances that transcend language. Deeply moving and full of memorable lyricism, it is a song that will instantly elevate any hip-hop playlist. Produced by famous Macrodee which includes works with Santa Fe Klan, Chystemc, and Jonas Sanche. The video seriously made me smile - the little girl at the start of the video reminded me of little me! We'll be delving further into this release on a feature page shortly!



British Columbia, Canada

Canadian pop/rock musician Darrian Gerard has exploded within the music scene with her latest release entitled 'Explosion'. Released on 7th October, this track is still hot off the press. Speaking of hot, 'Explosion' is an upbeat bad b song that will get all females out there in their feels. The song acts as what the artist describes as an "F-you song for when you've reached the end of your rope."

This pop/punk track screams angst and attitude. The song was written recorded, played and produced by the artist herself from the comfort of her in-home basement studio. Impressive right?



Cleveland, United States

I have a challenge for you, dear reader, and the challenge is simple. Listen to, ‘Skeleton Party’ by The Baker’s Basement and try your hardest not to sing, dance and laugh along to this whimsically creative and instrumentally insane single. The Baker’s Basement have delivered us a single just in time for Halloween that NEEDS to be on your party playlist, this is not a debate. The song has a brilliant hook with lyrics that are stupendously brilliant. I am also yet to mention that the composition and instrumental skill of The Baker’s Basement is phenomenal, with guitar harmonics and chopping chords, the fun never ends at a ‘Skeleton Party’. (Written by Freddie McKee, ranked by Tamara Jenna)



Barcelona, Spain

‘Amen’ by Davy Lyons pulled at my heart. It is a song that is virtuous and spiritual. As its name suggests, the song feels like a prayer to the world and it is a prayer that we can all join in with. The song features strings that flow like the wind and stop and start as if they are alive, a guitar that plucks at its strings in deliberate melodies and a vocal sound that is unique amongst even the indie scene. Davy Lyons shows us a deep connection to his art, the music feels like a second breath. It comes naturally and it shows. ‘Amen’ is not only a wonderfully written song, but it is also profoundly human. (Written by Freddie McKee, ranked by Tamara Jenna)


JEWELIA - Second Best

London, United Kingdom

Jewelia has arrived with a gust of harmonic sunshine pop. ‘Second Best’ is the newest single from Jewelia and it is a tremendous addition to their discography. With a luscious pop sound delivered through a bright curtain of piano, bass and acoustic guitar, ‘Second Best’ comes alive in moments. Jewelia showcases a vocal performance to look out for, utilising extremely modern harmonic arrangements as well as lyrics that are memorable and catchy. All of these traits together create one hell of a pop ballad. Sunday afternoon road trip anyone?(Written by Freddie McKee, ranked by Tamara Jenna)



Wilkesboro, United States

Christine Greyson sets the standard for ominous, catchy and chillingly cool rock with their standout single, ‘Spider’. Christine Greyson uses synth, crunchy bass/guitar and sporadic percussion when presenting this deliciously dark track. The vocals harmonies and climb nimbly like a spider on a web, dangerous and graceful. ‘Spider’ also has some magnificent key changes and is an extremely interesting listen as well as being catchy as all heck. (Written by Freddie McKee, ranked by Tamara Jenna)


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