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Vancouver, BC, Canada

Credit - Katie Iacobellis
Viridian’s new track ‘Preface’ is the ultimate atmospheric track which will leave you entranced by its spellbinding effects. - AIMEE STOKES

The vocals are delivered in a truly haunting way, with echoed and sweet undertones, almost like a whisper. The diverse pitches and harmonies delivered are what create this to be such a spellbinding listen and it is credited to the vocalist’s abilities which give ‘preface’ such an entrancing feel.

For the most part, the soundscape also contributed to these haunting themes, with elements

of piano and synth to add to the song’s ominous nature. However, I enjoyed the contrast in the instrumental solo near the end, the song seemed to incorporate elements of jazz with funky guitar riffs which gave it quite a loose and relaxed delivery, acting as a nice contrast to the mostly melancholic side to ‘preface’.

It appears that the purpose of the musicality was to remind the listener how to feel, as for

the most part, were taken on a soothing, melancholic journey by the vocals, and then the

instrumental solo ensures that the track is finished on a slightly more colourful note. I

thoroughly enjoyed this musical diversity in ‘Preface’

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