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VUDU's 'Run the Lies' Enchants with Genre-Bending Brilliance: Lo-fi Indie Hip-Hop and Shoegaze

‘Run the Lies’ from VUDU is a lo-fi indie hip-hop inspired expressionist track that takes influence from modern shoegaze and 90s rap styles. Yes, it's a lot to take in. And yes, it’s as cool as that sounds. The beat is simple, but there is a feel to it, a humanity that can be lost to the void in hip-hop. Not here. VUDU pushes the track to its volumetric limits and then, when it's straining, lets off the steam with some gritty vocals, followed by layers of soft harmonies.

The light of the world dims when VUDU plays, for the sound is so bright in comparison.

VUDU has masterful textures. That can be said off the bat. The sounds that emerge from this single are bewildering. I could listen to them solo on loop for hours, deconstructing the beat, the tack of a cymbal or the groan of a bass tone. Everything adds up. Each instrument feels like an artist picking their paint. Everything is there for a reason, nothing is left behind. As a result, ‘Run the Lies’ is fantastic from start to finish.



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