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W1ZZY Drops New Single "Keep The Change" - A Gritty Glimpse into London Life

Experience the raw and authentic sounds of W1ZZY's latest release, "Keep The Change," capturing the essence of life on the streets of London.

W1ZZY Unveils New Single "Keep The Change"

London-based rapper W1ZZY is back with his third release of the year, "Keep The Change," a gritty and catchy track that dives deep into the realities of life on the streets of London. Known for his authentic portrayal of urban life, W1ZZY continues to captivate audiences with his raw lyrics and creative visuals.

About the Single "Keep The Change"

Released on April 26, 2024, "Keep The Change" showcases W1ZZY's unique blend of US rap influences with a distinct UK twist. The track, recorded, mixed, and mastered by W1ZZY himself, paints a vivid picture of the ups and downs faced by young urban kids in London. The accompanying "P.O.V" style video adds a creative layer, offering an immersive experience of W1ZZY's world.

Production and Influences

W1ZZY's music is deeply influenced by the gritty realities of urban life and the dynamic sounds of US rap, which he skillfully blends with his own experiences in the UK. "Keep The Change" was recorded in West London, further grounding the track in the city that inspires much of his work. The single has already garnered significant attention, including co-signs from various celebrities, further highlighting W1ZZY's rising influence in the rap scene.

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Cover art for 'Keep The Change' by W1ZZY
Cover art for 'Keep The Change' by W1ZZY

W1ZZY on "Keep The Change"

W1ZZY describes the single as an authentic depiction of the daily life and struggles faced by urban youth in London. "The song's just about life and certain things the average urban kid would go through in London/UK - ups, downs, goods, bads," says W1ZZY. The track's raw and honest lyrics resonate with listeners, offering a glimpse into the artist's world and the challenges faced by many in the city.

Experience "Keep The Change"

"Keep The Change" has already made waves on major radio stations like Capital XTRA and BBC 1Xtra, showcasing W1ZZY's growing popularity. The single's gritty and authentic sound, combined with its catchy rhythm, makes it a standout track in the UK rap scene. Fans can look forward to more from W1ZZY as he continues to release music that captures the essence of urban life.

What's The Verdict?

W1ZZY's "Keep The Change" is a powerful addition to the rapper's growing discography, offering a raw and authentic look at life on the streets of London. With its gritty lyrics, catchy beat, and immersive video, the single is set to resonate with fans of UK rap and hip-hop. Keep an eye on W1ZZY as he continues to make his mark on the music scene. I love it. It's got the dark 808s, the uplifting almost meditative melodies in the background that weave in and out and of course, it has the classic UK Rap flows.

Genres: Trap (Rap/Hip Hop), UK Rap, Hip-Hop

Mood: Gritty, Catchy, Authentic

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