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Weekly Top 10 - 08/04/2022



We have had an absolute killer of submissions this week so picking out the ultimate Top 10 was a real challenge. We've included music from the likes of Dax, Myles and OSBORNE so check out their stories, what we have to say and most importantly we've included the streaming links for each artist! AND if you want to listen whilst you read, you can find our TOP 10 playlist embedded at the bottom of this page.

So, let's get reading...




We had to give the top spot to Dax this week. Alongside being one of (if not my favorite male) artists, he accepted our coverage for both Top 10 Music Videos of the week and Top 10 Hip-Hop and Rap. Coming in at Number 1 for both, it was only right that we gave him the overall Artist of the week status in our Weekly Top 10. Dax, I love your creative genius and the messages you portray and I know that your latest and most meaningful release to date 'Dear Alcohol' is going to change the lives of many.




Watford, United Kingdom

Coming in at Number 1 in this week's Top 10 Afrobeats Myles deserved to come second in our weekly Top 10. He deserves credit for overthrowing the preconceptions upheld by society regarding modern dating. Forget Netflix & Chill I wanna do this old-fashioned, I wanna take you out and talk before we get cracking". Drawing inspiration from his own endeavors with love, Myles deserves recognition for his statemented lyrics as well as the catchiness of the track as a whole. As a sucker for fairytale love, the message inspired our choice to put this in at Number 2 this week. Click the link below to stream 'Old Fashioned if you haven't already, it's an absolute vibe!



RENDER GHOSTS - Keeping My Number


Credits - Elen Williams / Lisanne Lentink

Render Ghosts from London/Utrecht are a newly found trio who are making effortlessly melodic alternative pop anthems. Combined, their sounds integrate three varying musical personalities.The trio consist of Tamara van Esch - a well-known singer-songwriter from the Netherlands, Tom O.C Wilson - a classically-trained composer and Iain Chambers - sound artist who uses buildings as instruments, famously turning London’s Tower Bridge into a massive resonating chamber. How AMAZINGLY CREATIVE ARE THESE 3?! Debuting in December 2021 with Eye Rhyme, they instantly gained the attention of Amazing Radio, Fresh on the Net and BBC 6 Music Introducing. Their follow-up release 'Keeping My Number' is even BETTER than their first with an even catchier banger inspired by the commercial pop.



OSBORNE - Feel The Same (Justin Novak Remix)

Credit - Nat Banks

Richard Osborne's music has previously been endorsed by the likes of Sky Sports and the BBC, and also has received support from industry taste-makers such as Martin Garrix, Filtr, and Digster respectively. In his latest release 'Feel The Same' we hear a house-inspired anthem. Although we've given it the Number 4 spot this is one of our CEO's personal favorite submissions this week. This tune wouldn't be out of place on radio stations such as Capital. A faultless production from start to end. Keep making great music! Click the link below to stream 'Feel The Same' and stick it on repeat!




Atlanta, GA, United States

Taking the Number 1 spot in this week's Top 10 RnB, Mia Delamar deserves a place in this week's Top 10. Her artistry really shines through in her latest release titled 'Cool'. Opening with vibes resonant of 'Mabel - Ivy To Roses' we hear boom baps with a heavy bassline and a similar vocal sound. This track really reminded me of 'Low Key' in particular. The whole track smacks of old-school RnB - I could hear the Aaliyah influence. The countermelodies showcased Mia's versatility and skill as a vocalist. We found the counter melodies similar to that of Ariana Grande. This release reflects upon the rollercoaster that is love. Making the statement that you shouldn't allow relationships to determine your worth and value. I'm a massive fan of this style of music. So much feeling.



Floret Fauna - No Te Enamores de Nadie

Barcelona, Spain

Credit - Julietta Pea

Floret Fauna, is an Italian Colombian international model and singer. Her new track titled 'No Te Enamores de Nadie' is an upbeat track with a great melody. Combining elements of Afrobeats, Reggaeton and pop we hear a spin of beautifully performed vocals in this track. Featuring in our Top 10 Afrobeats and our Top 10 Pop we believe she deserved a spot in our main Top 10 this week. Definitely check her out. We're really looking forward to following Floeret's journey. Click below to stream 'No Te Enamores de Nadie'.



Finn McGowan - The Borderline

West Midlands, United Kingdom

Coming in at Number 1 this week in our Weekly Top 10 Pop is Finn McGowan with his latest release titled 'The Borderline.' Released on 05/04/2022 he came straight in to take the crown AND we believe that he deserves a place here too! As the only producer on this track, we were really impressed by the quality of his production. Opening with a slow picky acoustic guitar accompanied by a soft 808 felt resemblance to a heartbeat. We were instantly moved by the raw feel of the track. The lyrics are 100% on point, with a genuine sense of emotion in both the written content and the execution of his vocals. His vocal style has a hint of Khalid and Dan Smith (Bastille). Just WOW. Definitely check this track out! Well done!




Munich, Germany

Herb Barclay Project from Munich, Germany have come through with their current release 'Realize' Offers. Coming in at Number one in our Weekly Top 10 Guitar Riffs we had to bring them into the mix here in the Top 10 Weekly. This track gave us an INSTANT buzz through the opening guitar riff through giving us a hit of the heavy distortion usually found in heavy rock but bordering on the funk side of genres with their chord progression. The track definitely blurs the genres - Rap, rock, punk and funk are all fused together remincient of artists such as Linkin Park and The Red Hot Chili Peppers. The Project works with an international crew of vocalists and rappers to create their unique sound. Definitely check out the guitar in this one!




Niederbuchsiten, Switzeland

Credit - Flashback One

'Flashback One' is a longtime Producer who recently decided to switch his production to Future Pop / Future Bass / Pop. Taking influence from the likes of The Chainsmokers, Marshmello & Illenium he has released his latest production 'Run Away'. With over 100 playlists add, 80k Spotify plays and 30k plays on Tik Tok with his previous single"Broken" we can see that Flashback One is headed towards big things in the music world. Coming in at number 1 in our Top 10 Weekly Dance we wanted to showcase them in our Weekly Top 10 submissions. 'Run Away' features a bright production with catchy and inviting female vocals. It's a song about a failed relationship and the desire to just run away and start again. Check out 'Flashback One' by clicking the link below. Great production.



JULIANDER - Who Am I Without You

Stokholm, Sweeden

Credit - Etoall

Juliander is a Swedish singer/songwriter from Stokholm is also a multiinstrumentalist and producer.

"Who Am I Without You" Juliander's second release of the year from his forthcoming debut album which is all set for release this year. We thought that his vocal style in this particular release was similar to that of Harry Styles - Who wouldn't love that? An absolutely beautiful sound kisses our eardrums with words of pure depth and thought fueled by questions accompanied by a beautifully soft instrumental. We're so excited for his debut album. If you're looking for a laid-back pop track definitely go check him out!



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