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'Weekly Top 10 Acoustic' 08/04/2022


NICK VULTURE - Complicated

Credit - Luke Greaves

Nick Vulture's single Complicated gives us a small taste of things to come from the album that he is releasing later this month. Recorded at Mixmasters Studios and mastered by Warren Sokol (Conor Oberst), 'Complicated' has beautiful layers of acoustics, strings and harmonies that are quite distinctive in nature. We love this one. Click the link to find out more about Nick Vulture as he's onto big things, you won't want to miss anything! Oh, and don't forget to check him out on our Weekly Acoustic Top 10 Spotify Playlist! Great work Nick!



JOE KANN - Old Town Square

Atlanta, United States

Joe Kann makes a comeback with his latest creative project titled 'Old Town Square'. This track is an acoustic guitar backed folk influenced song. Full of clear picked guitar playing this track gives us a a beautiful major tone accompanied by clear vocals. When asked about the meaning of the lyrics he said "This is a song about the decay of small town values and life in the United States." We really enjoyed his creative efforts so put him in our Top 10 Acoustics this week. Make sure you click the link below to find out more.



JOE HOLT - Who Cares

NYC, United States

Credits - Caitlin Woods, Steve Rosete

Joe Holt is a folk-rock singer/ songwriter who graduated from Berklee College of Music in 2015. He has toured around America for nearly a decade, playing venues including the Hard Rock Cafe (Boston) and has received airplay on over 60 radio stations internationally. His current release 'Who Cares' gives us a subtle acoustic feel. Picking of guitar strings in a major chord progression accompanied by layered harmonies, we're then joined by guitar layers so in sync with each other that they sound like they're dancing together. This is a really clever and moving production. Well done.




Melbourne, Australia

Credit - Susan Bradfield Photography

Singer/songwriter, Kim Harding has recently released her latest song titled 'Brave'. We had a listen to this intimate acoustic version of the track (originally by Sara Bareilles) and absolutely vibed with this stripped-back version. Taking her vocal influence from the likes of Eva Cassidy, Gabrielle Aplin, and Ella Henderson there is a mix of folk and pop in her artistry. Definitely one for your Sunday playlists or when you're enjoying nature. Amazing work! We loved this track so we decided to place her at number 4 this week. Stream using the link below and show Karen some love!



Rachael Sage - Revelation Ground

New York, United States

Alternative-Pop singer/songwriter, Rachael Sage releases her latest song 'Revelation Ground'. For those of you who haven't heard, Rachael Sage has recently announced her UK tour, supporting Imelda May so make sure you grab your tickets! This song opens with sensual and emotive deep strings and a picky acoustic melody. Her vocals are smooth and full of revelations as the song suggests. We really enjoyed this track and it definitely re-centred us. It's important to highlight that she's also a Billboard-charting musician and producer - something many females struggle to achieve during their music careers. As well as her artistic journey, she uses her platform to support a range of charities including the Foundation for Women's Cancer and the American Refugee Committee. She's an inspiration to many.



SCOTT & MARIA - I Am The One

Brighton, United Kingdom

Jakub Golis

Brighton (UK) based Scott & Maria pride themselves in creating acoustic music which comes straight from the heart. . Their beautiful indie folk sound embraces the spirit and soothes the soul through their harmonies by taking inspiration from nature and the human journey. Their latest single titled 'I Am The One (acoustic version)' was released on all digital platforms on Friday February 18th 2022. The song holds the reminder that the most important (and longest lasting) relationship we have in our lives is the one that we have with ourselves and that we have the power to manifest positive changes within them.




Jonathan Grow is a pianist and composer, who writes solo scores for tv, film, and production. His latest single titled 'Le Vol' is a neo-classical composition written for piano; he told us that it is a story told in three short movements with cinematic movements which aim to paint the picture of loss and the emotions that come with it. We included two releases from this genius in this weeks list of Top 10 Acoustic tracks and we're sure that we will be keeping an eye out for all of his creative prosperities. To hear his work please click the link below, you don't want to miss out.



Jonathan Grow - Les Trois Vies de Marie-Laure

Jonathan Grow let us know that a lot of work went into this relatively simple piano composition. Drawing inspiration from a novel titled 'All the Light We Cannot See' he was moved by the story of a small girl named Marie-Laure. The story narrates a girl who moves around Paris without sight who ended up in the hands of a world war. He then decided to tell her story through music and composed Marie-Laure's life in three significant stages in this piece. At the forefront of this piece is influence from French neo-classical composition: Erik Satie. Just like all of his other projects, this is a true work of art. I was honoured to have been sent the music of this talented mind.



GEMMA DANIELLE - Hearts Devotion

United Kingdom, Nottingham

Nottingham based artist and songwriter Gemma Danielle sent us her current release 'Hearts Devotion'. Infusing electronic pop with a ballad front, the release also has tinges of jazz throughout its arrangement. Inspired by heartbreak,

Featuring composer Jessica Roch (Sky, Channel 4, BBC, MTV, ITV).

Speaking about the enchanting new single, Gemma Danielle shares, “Hearts Devotion is a song deeply personal to me. I wrote it when I felt defeated in these feelings of love for someone. I was trying desperately to fall out of love but my heart couldn't seem to let go”



Archer Phan - Finally Gonna Say (reimagined)

Australia, Perth

Archer Phan told us that he's a "teacher by trade, music maker by passion". Archer emphasised to us that he is a proud Transgender man and LGBTQI+ musician who is "armed with a new voice and a new outlook on life" Determined and motivated, Archer Phan is now ready to let the world hear his new sound and so are we. Welcome to the Top 10 Archer. This track has a warm earthly acoustic feel to it. Just vocals and an acoustic guitar is always the best place to start in our opinion! Stream using the button underneath.



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