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Weekly Top 10 RNB - 08/04/2022

Updated: Apr 12, 2022



Atlanta, GA, United States

Mia Delamar really shines through with her latest release titled 'Cool'. Opening with vibes resonant of 'Mabel - Ivy To Roses' we hear boom baps with a heavy bassline and a similar vocal sound. This track really reminded me of 'Low Key' in particular. The whole track smacks of old-school RnB - I could hear the Aaliyah influence. The countermelodies showcased Mia's versatility and skill as a vocalist. We found the counter melodies similar to that of Ariana Grande. This release reflects upon the rollercoaster that is love. Making the statement that you shouldn't allow relationships to determine your worth and value. I'm a massive fan of this style of music. So much feeling.




Atlanta, United States

Credit - Kevin Allen

Beginning with a soulful neo-soul guitar loop- joined by hi-hats and a distinctive bassline. This is track oozes with seduction from start to finish. Keeping to the vibe we hear a switch from smooth and soulful vocals to hip-hop rhyme - a poetic track that you get lost in. This is a track of appreciation from a man to his woman. He's very clearly letting her know how he feels about her. This track is a caress of musical seduction. Add it to your sex playlists. If you need an aphrodisiac this will do the trick. Stream through the link below.



Maddie Park - no fcks

Los Angeles, United States

Credit - Christian Haahs

Maddie Park has released an absolute RnB swirl of joy into our lives. She told us that 'no fcks’ is the musing of a twenty something deeply afraid that life is passing her by. I wrote this song as an acknowledgement that I have absolutely nothing figured out and no idea what will happen next--all I can do is let go. no fcks. The whole vibe of the track was very Ariana Grande. Click the link below to add it to your playlists - it's saucy.



Perry Ripley - Cocaine Love

Brighton, United Kingdom

Perry Ripley has come through with his latest release 'Cocaine Love'.

The message this track holds is that love and drugs can sometimes be intertwined and that the feelings they produce can sometimes be similar and even the same at times. The meaning of the title track is the symbol of love and the feelings of love and heartbreak. The opening chord progression of the guitar is similar to that of 'Dark Times' by Ed Sheeran and The Weeknd which is then layered with Spanish-inspired guitar solos. This is a dark RnB track full of reflection of one's demons with moving reverb and cinematic influence. We've put this in at Number 3 - go check it out! I could see this track in movies similar to 'Suicide Squad' and 'Fifty Shades Of Grey'.



DULCIE - Medicate Me

Birmingham, United Kingdom

Credit -

'Medicate Me' is the debut single from Birmingham's very own 'DULCIE'. Coming in strong with her first release She's DEFINITELY one to watch. Incorporating what she calls her three favorite genres Electro Pop, RnB, and Funk we hear

80s vibes are similar to that of 'Dua Lipa' in 'Future Nostalgia' both vocally and in its production. The production of this track is super funky through its distinctive bassline. We love the abrupt ending which sits on a guitar riff that is reminiscent of the legendary 'Kiss' by 'Prince'. Keep an eye out for Dulcie, she's making funky moves. Go stream below.



Alex & The Alpaca - Adorable

22-year old Nicaraguan-Norwegian artist Alex & The Alpaca released his solo debut this month in an energy-filled track titled 'Adorable'. Inspired by the sounds of indie-pop and rock this track also combines elements of RNB. The lyrics are catchy, accompanied by a pop vocal execution - we were singing along for sure. “Adorable” was produced, written, and performed by Alex alone is the first of 5 singles he has planned out for 2022 as part of an EP. Alex told us that he wants to show us his distinct voice and signature sound and I'm sure he will do this throughout 2022. Check out his music and socials by clicking the button below!



Damon K. Clark - Holy

United States, Dallas

Credit - Damon K. Clark

Damon K. Clark is an international Neo-soul, Jazz, RnB, Pop, Funk musican and vocalist.

His achievements include opening for multi grammy nominated and one time winner 'Paula Coal' and has since accumulated over 40k instagram and 11k monthly spotify listeners. Having listened to his music it's not difficult to see why this is the case! 'Holy' is a lyrical exploration of the initial emotions he felt for a lover.

The track has a piano opening with a spoken word-style vocal flow. Then switching into soulful gospel vibes we found this track absolutely beautiful and soul moving through the use of the contrasting vocal styles. The verses were almost 'Andre 3000' in style. It's a true poetic dedication to love. This artist is EXTREMELY talented.



ALYS CRISP - Softboy

Edinburgh, United Kingdom

Alys Crisp asked us to have a listen to her latest release 'Softboy' and we've seen how much she has grown in lyrical execution. Diving straight into her bold take on what a 'soft boy' is in the modern world - she defined a "'Burning Man' bragging, self proclaimed empathic lover boy, who paints himself as a feminist loving 'nice guy' - and in turn demands sex or attention from the women in his company as he feels he is owed it." Nobody take this bad bitch on, she ain't joking. Click the link to have a listen.



Desperate Electric - Karaoke

United States, Butte, MT

Credit - Arianna Skoog

'Karaoke' is 'Desperate Electrics' first release of 2022 and the first single we hear from their forthcoming album. The track goes straight in with the vocals accompanied by a funky bassline. The variation of male and female vocals is unique in the way that they've performed in this release. We were told by the artists that this song highlights the start of their story which is also the beginning of any love story; in particular, the philosophy of how the small moments hold a lot more weight than you anticipated until you realise further on into the relationship. Make sure you check it out.



Meggy Katigbak - Today

Philippines, Antipolo

Credit - Ruiz Isaac, Jeff Ong

'Today' is the ultimate Disney Channel/Nickelodeon RnB inspired pop anthem. I could definitely envision it in one of those TV shows. We all know the opportunities those platforms provide - Ariana Grande, Demi Lovato, Selina Gomez, Zendaya to name a few. Meggy Katigbak's latest release titled 'Today' is about the sweet, but also painful, realisation that you have to free yourself from a toxic yet familiar circumstance. Although we've put this track in at Number 10 this week, the artist should definitely be proud of her work and not be disheartened by it. We love this track and would suggest keeping an eye out for her future artistic endeavours. Click the link below to hear for yourself!



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