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'What Mothers Do' - An Immaculate Tribute from Ray Van D and Philippe M

‘What Mothers Do’ is a heartfelt single from the minds of Ray Van D and Philippe M. The track finds that emotion we feel toward the ones who raised us and distils it into song. The melody rises and falls like strong breaths and calming sighs. When the chorus slots into the track it feels like home, like it was always meant to be. The track reigns from that 80s pop place. Solid percussion outlines the melody and the bopping bass fills in the gaps. When the vocals line up and the sky washes with wonderful colours, you know that the vibe is good, the music is sweet, and the world is all the better because of it.

Philippe M and Ray Van D combine their musical textures and understanding to create a vibrant and loving soundscape that you could get lost in for hours. A brilliant track that outlines an emotion and makes you feel it in your heart of hearts. Immaculate.



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