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WHITE DOVE - Hurts Like Hell


Hurts Like Hell

Toronto, Canada

White Dove’s debut single is a powerful one. ‘Hurts Like Hell’ is a rock-pop ballad that draws from contemporary and classical influencers. The resulting sound is full of grand piano chords, crashing cymbals and a raunchy guitar that sounds out high notes and crunchy riffs. Overtop of it all is a vocal that draws you into its pain. Singing profound lyrics at the top of their lungs, White Dove fills the space. And that’s an achievement when you have made the space so large. Highs are clear and full of oomph, the quiet sections are personal, close. You always feel like you are being sung to, not at. Like the song is for you.

‘Hurts Like Hell’ is no joke, it's no leaf in the wind, it's no drop in the ocean. White Dove has delivered a powerful and emotional single that captivates from start to finish. Amazing melodies and a catchy chorus have engraved the lyrics onto my mind. Fantastic.

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