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Updated: Aug 27, 2022



The Forever Now, Trine Lyngvig – Lover’s City

Copenhagen, Denmark

Credit - Diego Alonso

I am so in love with this magical tune by this creative and sensational duo, they have such a rare and out-of-the-ordinary sound that is so precious! A creation of cinematic and cosmic elements with synth – Pop tones as well as hitting the Indie Rock vibe with a dazzling sweetness. I absolutely love the lyrics and truly admire the idea of faded undertone harmonies fitting perfectly to the lyrics “Don’t let me fade away” this gives an atmospheric performance. ‘Lover’s City’ is short, softly sweet with a delicate tone, making you want to put it on repeat!



Joe Wilkinson – Let Me Know

Valencia, Spain

Joe is really making himself known within the music scene and has succeeded in getting coverage from BBC Radio 2, BBC 6 Music, Digital Tour Bus, and more! ‘Let Me Know’ is the superb new single with an electric mix of unique talent and a thought-provoking writing style, not forgetting his beautifully distinguished voice is truly outstanding. Created with a pounding beat and catchy hooks alongside gorgeous guitar licks that are Blues infused. I adore the lyrics, easy to take in and sing along to and the overtone harmonies are completely mesmerising. This tune really stood out to me!



Stuart Pearson – Devil Whammy

Los Angeles, United States

Stuart Pearson is weirdly awesome! ‘Devil Whammy’ will 100% get stuck in your head, this song makes you want to shake your booty as you sing the spooky playful lyrics. Pearson has created such an iconic tune and whilst I was listening the scene from ‘The Never-ending Story’ came to mind, where the Stoneman sings ‘Born To Be Wild’. It holds such a spooky yet fun sing-along atmosphere just like the soundtracks to; ‘The Rocky Horror Picture Show’, ‘Beetlejuice’ and ‘Hocus Pocus’ with using Shock Rock! Perfect for a Halloween movie and I can’t wait to hear it in one!



The Mars McClanes – Day is Done

Portland, United States

Credit - Brian Corley

The Mars McClanes are an Indie Rock band that holds some wonderful elements of the Classic Rock genre. ‘Day is Done’ is a light-hearted track that starts slowly with a mellow riff on the acoustic guitar that creates a simplistic yet sweet echoing sound that sparkles throughout the track. The drumbeat follows shortly after which sets up a basic beat that you will find yourself tapping along to. The tender vocals are heavenly as they add a radiant tone to the lyrics that are expressing intimate and honest feelings that are creating a visual story. This is immensely beautiful!



Arn-Identified Flying Objects and Alien Friends – Suck

Stockholm, Sweden

Credit - Malin Floryd-Welin

Arn-Identified Flying Objects and Alien Friends are back in our Top 10 with a track from their jam packed album ‘17 Birds at the Summer’s Gate’, holding a full tracklist of 17 tunes, that I feel is very rare to find nowadays. ‘Suck’ is the ninth track out of the great story-telling songs, holding a funky bassline, a bopping beat that gets your toes tapping and head nodding along. The vocals are beautiful and rather comforting with a soft, low register also adding the use of double vocal lines and vocal harmonies that add impact and strength to the lyrics.



Marc Bird – Mother Mother

Hebden Bridge, United Kingdom

Credit - Marc Bird

Marc Bird is a singer/songwriter and producer creating Indie Folk / Pop. ‘Mother Mother’ starts with a catchy 20-second intro that instantly gets you involved and bopping along, as the lyrics begin the track softens keeping the beat as it eases in and out for the catchy chorus. The guitar riff chugs along light-heartedly as another creates a smooth bouncy melody keeping his vocals at the forefront with a soft and melodic tone. This is added to my ‘Get up & Go’ playlist, a soft song for early mornings, adding an upbeat vibe for the day ahead!



Connor Desai – Some Time Ago

Seattle, United States

‘Some Time Ago’ is a very light-hearted song! Perfect for those moments where you want to sit back, listen to some music while you block out the world and have some you time, maybe even read a book whilst you listen to the ever-so-sweet vocals of the lovely Connor Desai. Holding a soft melody with a simple acoustic guitar riff lightly picking over the piano chords, this creates a relaxing sway. Desai has an angelically light yet soulful voice, endearingly telling a story that sounds very close to her heart. A classic song where less is more!



Alpha Mare – Wilderness Begins

New York, United States

Alpha Mare are a dynamic duo who are infusing an interesting style of Indie – Folk, making our senses tingle! Firstly, ‘Wilderness Begins’ has such an intriguing song title I was immediately drawn to it! This track starts with a simply beautiful guitar riff that softly mellows in the background. The vocals have full power of the song which are incredibly unique, giving us a mix of soft breathy undertones as well as hitting high notes that are sweet and perfectly suit the atmospheric soundscape. This song has a smooth elegance to it but holds a sense of depth and mystery.



Andy Arno – Misanthropy

Barcelona, Spain

Andrea Arno Jubert is a Spanish singer/songwriter and an incredible musician! Andy Arno has accomplished so much within the music industry already. Her first single ‘Tomorrow’ was released in 2019 and with this song, she was selected to represent Sweden at the ‘Punta del Este International Song Festival’. She has also composed and voiced songs for other artists as well as for the upcoming video game ‘Light Spirits’ by DoktorGames. Arno’s single ‘Misanthropy’ is an extremely edgy rock tune that holds melodic sway, this track captures your attention wholeheartedly, absorbing you with subdued guitar riffs and euphoric vocals!



The Fantines – City Boy

Essex, United Kingdom

The Fantines are a five-piece band that generates an excellent sound of Post–Punk through the Old -Skool tones that are adapted into modern-day sensibilities. I do always love a story that is being told within the lyrics whether it may be a love story, a trip down memory lane, or even reflecting on day-to-day life just like this track ‘City Boy’. This is completely reminiscent of a band called ‘Squeeze’ with their song called ‘Cool For Cats’ which holds the same bopping beat with a mellow dramatic sound that is not hard to groove to!



  • The Forever Now, Trine Lyngvig – Lover’s City

  • Joe Wilkinson – Let Me Know

  • Stuart Pearson – Devil Whammy

  • The Mars McClanes – Day is Done



NUMBER 1 - Andy Arno – Misanthropy

NUMBER 2 - The Forever Now, Trine Lyngvig – Lover’s City

NUMBER 3 - Alpha Mare – Wilderness Begins

NUMBER 4 - The Fantines – City Boy

NUMBER 5 - Joe Wilkinson – Let Me Know

NUMBER 6 - Stuart Pearson – Devil Whammy

NUMBER 7 - The Mars McClanes – Day is Done

NUMBER 8 - Arn-Identified Flying Objects and Alien Friends – Suck

NUMBER 9 - Marc Bird – Mother Mother

NUMBER 10 - Connor Desai – Some Time Ago


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