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Tokyo, Japan

CircleKSK is a band that empowers heavy metal music and their tune ‘BABY CAN YOU SEE’ is a banger! It has a fast-paced drumbeat, a speedy electric guitar, a banging bassline, and an 8-bit synthesiser over the top. The vocals are incredibly powerful and snappy thus creating a heavy but exciting impact to this tour de force. The vocal range is phenomenal and I love it when artists collaborate together. I admire the risky switch from singing to rapping, it was shocking and exciting, I love this! 100% the tune to let your hair down and rock out to!


RAMEY – Dead Reckoning

Portland, OR, United States

Dead Reckoning’ is the first single released from RAMEYS’ upcoming album and I am besotted! This track starts ever so beautifully with a lightly strung acoustic guitar thus creating a melodic atmosphere, giving a floaty feeling as you absorb a soulful embrace. The vocals are gracefully angelic with the added depth of sorrow and sadness thus emphasises the heartbreaking lyrics. This song holds sensibilities of the Folk / Country genre with that sweet, soft, soulful acoustic sound, the additional slide guitar adding a gentle sway, a touch of piano, and a steady drumbeat leading up to the smooth sustained ending.


Mark Sutton – My Lass

Christchurch, United Kingdom

Mark Sutton is an extremely talented musician who creates background and theme music for film, TV, and radio. ‘My Lass’ is stunningly beautiful and I find it truly astonishing that music without lyrics can still be as intimate or more so than a song with the most heartfelt or even heartbreaking stories. Sutton is able to create a story in one's mind with only the use of musical instruments, pure talent, and a passion for his craft. I could see this magical piece in the montage moment of an Anime movie, this soft instrumental paints a scene with every note.


Liam Dutch – What's your problem?

Glasgow, United Kingdom

Liam Dutch is a singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist, he has created his own authentic sound while still including snappy Indie Pop elements. Dutch is influenced by some iconic artists such as Kurt Cobain and Ian Curtis, with having these idols you can definitely hear a resemblance within his own music! I love the song title 'What's Your Problem?' it instantly grabs your attention and holds so much attitude that matches the song. This tune is incredibly upbeat, bouncy, and bold! You will not be able to stop your head from banging while you're singing along! This is an absolute stomper!


Devin Farney, Courtney Jean – Stay Sane

San Francisco, CA, United States

Devin Farney is an internationally performed composer, songwriter, storyteller, and pianist who creates Alternative / Indie – Pop. ‘Stay Sane’ is a gorgeous duet with mesmerising harmonies! Starting simply with a beautifully strummed acoustic guitar giving it a familiar wild west tone as the innocent sounding vocals of Courtney Jean approach first creating a very sincere feel. Farney’s heavenly vocals join in quite subtly pairing perfectly with Jean’s angelic tone continuing as their vocals beautifully harmonise together creating a passionate musical piece. I believe this would be beautifully bewitching and incredibly intimate to see performed live, it would capture the room!


To Hell With Tradition – Paper Cuts

Heidelberg, Germany

Firstly let’s just appreciate the name of this musician ‘To Hell With Tradition’ it is so rebellious and seriously stands out! Achim Hofmeyer is the creator of this solo project; he’s a singer, songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist that is forging a musical path through the Indie / Alternative Rock scene. ‘Paper Cuts’ is an intense track with intimate storytelling lyrics and I do feel a big Bowie inspiration upon listening. Hofmeyer’s vocals are delightfully pleasing with soft harmonies that are incredibly captivating. Alongside this, the musical sensibilities are lively and high-strung with an 80’s influence that I absolutely love.


Zadar – Julie

Lansdowne, United States

Credit - Cindi Landmesser Photography (

There is no wasting time with this track! ‘Julie’ kicks in straight away with such a freaky yet funky intro, starting with the song title sung in a staggered manner and vocally in a low register thus creating an extremely catchy hook that holds a spooky disturbing, and daring sound! Then bringing in an exciting and edgy guitar riff that also creates a melodic twang that stands out and captures you as the drums follow thus setting the rocky, bouncy beat! Zadar writes dark guitar-based music creating a haunting atmosphere that pairs perfectly with the depth of the vocals.


Peppermint Moon – Foxy Friends

Point Reyes Station, United States

Peppermint Moon is the sole talent of Colin Schlitt, who is a phenomenal singer, thought-provoking songwriter, and excellent producer. ‘Foxy Friends’ is a smooth and soulful tune, with the vocals raspy yet mellow and holding a comforting tone, the song flows with ease whilst having a little edge. The guitar riff is beautifully melodic throughout the song, however, adds a slight high note of sweetness during the chorus. This song is expressive and truly a laid-back track but will still get your toes tapping as you lightly sway! Perfect for your late-night contemplations and wondering thoughts.


Willdr – Bet I Will

Boston, United States

Willdr is a talented singer, songwriter, and producer who creates Alternative / Indie tunes! Their track ‘Bet I Will’ starts with a Classic Rock electric guitar riff that carries the bouncy hook throughout the entirety of the track. The drums set a steady-paced beat which allows us, listeners, to be drawn more to the gorgeous sounding guitar that brings us that 80’s nostalgic feeling. The lyrics are simple and easy to follow which are sung in a Punk vocal style adding that extra bit of attitude. Short and snappy yet fun and full of volume, one to play loud!


Grave Return – TV Prophets (Live)

Orlando, United States

Credit - Jim Leatherman

Grave Return is a band that are totally bringing Hardcore Punk back to modern-day music! ‘TV Prophets’ is super punchy, bold, and bouncy incorporating a dirty rock sound that is full of angst and attitude. This tune took me back in time to the 80’s as it reminds me of the band Bad Religion who made the iconic Hardcore Punk song ‘You’, I feel there may be some influence here. This tune wouldn’t go a miss on the soundtrack of a skateboarding video game as it’s exciting, energetic, and hard-hitting! This is being added to my households gamer playlist!




  • RAMEY – Dead Reckoning

  • Mark Sutton – My Lass

  • Liam Dutch – What's your problem?


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