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Los Angeles, United States

Singer and songwriter Barbara Teresa has released the amazing pop track “Overrated”. What made this track stand out to me is the effortlessly cool transition between singing in Spanish and English. The track has a laid-back feel with the iconic reggaeton-style drums. Bright synths take the harmonic role and play the song's major chord progression while Barbara’s warm and sweet voice describes themes of love which in her words is way too complicated and very much overrated. Her voice is layered to create a gorgeous choir of backing vocals which can be heard in the bridge alongside the full power of Barbara’s voice. To hear this immensely cool and easy choice for my number one pick this week, hit the link below.


CHRISTINE SAKO - Coda (Stonebridge Remix)

San Diego, United States

This easy high placer on my list is from San Diego-based singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist Christine Sako. This remix of her 2021 track ‘Coda’ is produced by the powerhouse Stonebridge. The track is a high-energy house track, full of catchy vocal melodies. Christine’s soft voice delivers lyrics that focus on her asking someone who is doing her wrong to ‘give it a rest’. The track’s major harmony reflects on the optimistic overcoming of a problem within the song. The vocals are layered in the chorus and a more texturally empty bridge allows you to hear the whole gorgeous tone of Christine’s voice. This track has everything to be a house classic.


SYDNEY GORDON - Flirt With Disaster

New York, United States

Native New Yorker Sydney Gordon is a singer, songwriter, and pianist. Sydney started singing at the young age of 7 and since then her talents have grown massively making her the pop star she is now. Her latest release ‘Flirt with Disaster’ starts with moody synths and a pushing electronic drum kit. The chorus is full of distorted guitar lines and chords. Sydney’s voice is full of character and passion when delivering lyrics about a previous relationship and how she is now stronger in its aftermath. The slight whispered vocal line comes into a duet featuring a powerful lead vocal and edgy electric guitar. To hear this sass-filled pop hit, follow the link below.


EAR CANDY - Better Alone

Ringwood, United Kingdom

This deceivingly bright and upbeat pop track is released by Ringwood-based artist Ear Candy. ‘Better Alone’ reflects the idea of a girl not being the best in a relationship and how the singer realises he might be better off without her. The vocal delivery is slightly pop punk influenced and I loved the strong falsetto in the chorus. The track's harmony is major and reflective of the singer's new optimistic mood towards his previous situation. The spoken phrases added life and character to the track and worked really well. The track is full of flange-sounding guitars and clean synth lines. The kit is well mixed and brings life to the track rhythmically. This track has massive potential to do well, and I believe it will.


JUN PARKER – Embracement


Credit -

Neo city pop artist Jun Parker has released the sweet yet jazzy ‘Embracement’. His use of ‘funky nostalgia’ is heard throughout with a syncopated bass line and mid-tempo drum machine kit. The overall feel of this track is warm with major chords played on electric guitars and a beautiful blend of Jun’s main vocal alongside the great backing. Unfortunately, my language skills don’t stretch to Japanese but that didn’t stop me from loving this track. His vulnerable and vibrato voice is captivating and full of emotion. The piano is bright and is the perfect counter melody line in the vocal breaks. The guitar solo adds an effortlessly cool feel to the track towards the end. This track is a must-listen to, so hit the link below.



Amsterdam, Netherlands

Credit - Sonja Tabak

Amsterdam-based singer and songwriter Rose Spearman has released the uplifting ‘Aquarius’. The track has a positive mood set by its lyrics describing the idea of being yourself as natural as flowing water. Deep synths and drum machine samples are the perfect support for Rose’s smooth and tender voice. The backing vocals add higher harmonies to the lead line and the addition of plucked guitar sounds enriches the track’s encouraging mood. Synth lines add excitement for the listener in between the vocal breaks. The smooth mid-tempo track is such an easy listen due to its reverb-filled production which is the perfect accompaniment to Rose’s soft vocals.


ALORA FARENWEH - Acid Atlantis

Montreal, Canada

Credit - Katelyn Anne Stegner

Alora Farenweh is a Canadian singer and songwriter who uses her music to describe a fictional realm called ‘The Hollow’. Not only lyrically is the world described as a gem-filled treasure trove, with Alora being one of them, but the song’s instrumental also does a great job of building a bright and exciting sonic sound world to accompany the storytelling. Full of weird and wonderful melodious synths the whole piece builds a dreamy and colourful picture of this wonderful fictional place. Cute major ukulele chords build on the optimistic tone. Alora’s voice is airy and uses backing lines that are built to produce a harmonious lead line. To be taken to this enchanting piece follow the link below.


NICO KING - Saving Me Isn't Easy

Boston, MA, United States

Nico King is a Boston-based singer-songwriter whose goal is to make music that explores the mind by touching on themes of mental health, dreams, and self-worth. ‘Saving me isn’t easy’ is a vulnerable and extremely personal track expressing ideas and thoughts of loving someone and reminiscing on times together. Light-hearted piano and string-sounding synths juxtapose the heavy-themed lyrics. The light yet layered vocal production within this track keeps an intimate feel. Cascading synth lines represent a dream-like feeling before the vocals are brought back in alongside sweeping synth pads. The spoken vocal line is full of emotion and is rather defenseless, really adding to the storytelling taking place.



Paris, France

‘My Only Love’ is the latest release from Paris-based Romain Gutsy. The French-born singer-songwriter, musician, and multi-instrumentalist has been writing and playing music for over 20 years. ‘My Only Love’ is a somber love song lyrically describing how love can take you by surprise and steal you away. Gorgeous picked acoustic guitar playing is heard throughout this track while dramatic synth lines grow throughout. This builds a wonderful sense of drama. A pumping drum machine kit drives the track while the harmony develops and becomes more chromatic and dissonant. Romain's voice is vulnerable and warm and is the perfect tone alongside the well-produced backing.


GAETANO - A Bigger Splash

Rome, Italy

Credit - Piero Percoco

Gaetano is a producer based in Rome and their release on the chart this week is their debut track called ‘A Bigger Splash’. Kicking off with water sounds and funky lead synth lines a large splash sample moves the song to the main melodic idea. A dance-inspired four on the floor drum machine kit drives the track while the flowing synth pads play the track's chord progression. A bright pure tone synth plays a repeating ostinato which leads to a glossy higher octave synth stealing it and playing along. A deeper bass synth adds to the texture and a brassier synth line creates a new melody. Finally, all these ideas come together and develop alongside new ones to create a texturally really interesting track.


  • GAETANO - A Bigger Splash

  • ROMAIN GUTSY - My Only Love

  • BARBARA TERESA – Overrated

  • CHRISTINE SAKO - Coda (Stonebridge Remix)

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