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Updated: Jul 31, 2022




Butte, MT, United States

Butte, Montana-based Desperate Electric are a contemporary duo inspired by the nostalgia of past decades and all the popular genres of those times, including Rock n Roll, Funk, and Soul. Ben Morris, a multi-instrumentalist, vocalist, and producer teamed up with bassist and vocalist Kayti Korte to release their latest track “Stay”. The heavily funk influenced pop track is upbeat as the lyrics explore the important question of why their partner stays with them and should they even ask. Nonetheless they are openly grateful that this is the case. The syncopated guitar lines alongside the dance-inspired kit are the rhythmic driving factor while the uplifting major harmony is played through a heavy synth pad. The duo's vocals blend well together with the instrumental, making it an easy choice for number one.



Los Angeles, United States

Credit - @keenanreedarts

Stand In, the alias for LA-based Anthony Westlake, is a singer-songwriter and producer. His latest track ‘Mine’ is a bright and optimistic garage-influenced release. The drums really add the energy to this track, coming in with a strong entrance in the chorus which successfully brings the track to life. The second verse then calms to more hip-hop inspires rhythm. The vocoda heavy crowd vocals fill the texture in the bridge before the backings become dreamier and more open in the last chorus. There’s a creative use of guitar samples cleverly featured throughout. This helps to maintain interest in the track and the end result is a real joy to listen to. Finally, Stand In’s overall vocal delivery is warm and vulnerable whilst he is lyrically checking in with the pace of his relationship and his need to ensure they remain cautious about his desire to take their time, and take things slowly.


A_SHES - Party Politics

London, United Kingdom

‘Party Politics’ is the latest release from London-based producer and singer-songwriter A_Shes. A_Shes music is nostalgically synth pop and lyrically explores embarrassing adulthood and ‘Party Politics’ is an example of exactly that. The airy and spacey track questions ideas of being ‘good enough' and ‘fitting in’ at a party. Overall, the whole thing is really reflective. The major harmony fits well with the track’s overall optimistic mood and synth and guitar lines enable a lovely growth. The upbeat change in vocal delivery flow in the pre-chorus was a great contrast to the slower-paced delivery in the previous verse. The bright and layered backing vocals are a great support to a strong main vocal line. The bridge breakdowns are a clever feature before a final sprightly chorus.



Cdmx, Mexico

Carlos Romo had been performing in musical theatre and cover bands before 2019. He then started to release his own music. ‘Medusa’, an 80s-influenced Spanish pop track, is the second part of his current project to be released. The translation of the track compares a woman to be as captivating as ‘Medusa’ from ancient Greek mythology. He contemplates what it might be like should they dance together. The funk-influenced syncopated bass line and four-on-the-floor dance drums are the perfect rhythmic accompaniment to lusciously layered reverb applied to backing vocals. The chorus is vibrant and high energy repeating the catchy main lyrical line ‘Dance with me’. Carlos’s vocal delivery is smooth and warm, and the Spanish lyrics make this track an easy play for summer.


SHE'S MINE - Out My Shell

Manchester, United Kingdom

She's Mine has released the captivating and moody indie track ‘Out My Shell’. The Manchester-based singer-songwriter and violinist creates music with an Avante Garde approach to structure and combines this with dark lyrical themes Lots of varied inspiration can be recognised from bands such as the Talking Heads and the Clash to iconic female singer-songwriters like Kate Nash. This latest release is stunningly villain-esc. Themes of being your own ‘freak’ and wondering if it’s even worth trying to fit in are hauntingly explored in her sweet voice which later takes a sassier approach in the song’s wrap. The trap-like drums and 808 bassline work well alongside the gorgeous violin chords. She is clearly a gifted violin player who loves her instrument, and this brings a real depth and very personal touch to the track. All in all the whole experience is really enjoyable for the listener. To catch this rebellious track hit the link below.



Mannheim, Germany

Credit - Alexander Münch

Founded in 1995 Mannheim-based Söhne Mannheims is a German band. Compiled of over 10 members, they release music in many genres such as pop, soul, and hip-hop. ‘Mut’ their latest release is a pop-influenced track with grows in power as it progresses through. If you want a translation, the track lyrics explore the notion of courage and a determination to make it through adversity despite everything confident that in the end, all will be alright. The pumping kick drum plays alongside a well-captured and warm string section. The track develops in texture adding to the growing instrumental. The group has a consecutively warm, yet strong vocal delivery and some great high notes sung with vibrato decorate the final chorus.



Southampton, United Kingdom

Singing, songwriting, and producing duo Friday Night Firefight have released the carefree summer anthem ‘Boxed Red Wine’. The duo takes inspiration from 1980s instrumental stylings and pairs them with reflecting song-writing in a pop-punk style delivery. ‘Boxed Red Wine’ follows the story of meeting a girl at a bar and developing a bit of a crush on her as the evening continues. The 80s influence is heard in the oscillating synth lines and punchy drum machine kit. Chorus melodies are immensely catchy and delivered in a breathy yet powerful lead vocal. The electric guitar chords are a nice natural timbre compared to the leading synth lines. A well-rounded track.


LEANNA OKI - I Taught You How To Dream

Thornhill, Canada

Credit - Victor Yu

Indie, Pop, RnB, and electronic music blend together to make Thornhill, Canada-based Leanna Oki’s unique sound. Leanna is a self-taught singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and producer and has combined her talents to release her latest song ‘I Taught You How to Dream’. Her creative skill in production is heard in her vocal editing. Her soft and airy vocal is supported with chords and counter melodies multi-tracked to produce a choir for her to sing alongside. Her lyrics are about a relationship ending and yet realising she is feeling better without it. The full drum kits add to the tracks drama in the chorus while the moody deep synths and reversed vocal samples add much anticipation. The bridge builds in textural interest and vocal emotion to a chorus full of gorgeous adlibs.



Hamburg, Germany

Credit - Christopher Lau

Hamburg-based musician and singer-songwriter Kaisa Rya blends traditional soul and `jazz with contemporary RnB and pop. ‘Lips’ is a sassy pop song all about taking control of your feelings around your love and reading body language. The track is full of chromatic runs sung and played on an accompanying synth and dance-inspired drums. Impactful full bodied synth pads provide harmonic structure while Kaisa’s whispery and sultry vocal sings the song’s lead melodies. A chorus of vocoda applied backing vocals add an element of fun to the track. To hear this empowering track, hit the link below.


KIT CITRINE - Stardust

Orlando, FL, United States

Credit - Kit Citrine

Kit Citrine is a dynamic pop-rock singer-songwriter and music producer. The Orlando-based musician creates deeply honest and vulnerable music that speaks to your soul. ‘Stardust’, the latest release, is a peaceful mid-tempo ballad all about two people coming together and the feeling that ‘fate’ played a hand in this. The warm cello-sounding synth line plays a downwards motion riff and is paired with backing vocals singing in complete harmony with one another. A bright synth line accents the major harmonies in the chorus to build the track's texture. A subtle yet driving kit keeps the forward momentum of the track going. Kit has a voice that is sweet and simultaneously powerful and we hear its whole energy in the sustained high notes before the final chorus.


  • STAND-IN - Mine

  • SHE'S MINE - Out My Shell

  • KAISA RYA – Lips




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