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KONGRESS - Summer Days

Brooklyn, NY, United States

‘Summer Days’ by Kongress is an astonishing video as it was filmed across 30 years which I have never seen or heard of in music videos. It starts off with retro images of parades and it really fits into that “summer vibe” of being free. As the video progresses, we see lyrics which are good if people want to learn them if they enjoy the song. What I enjoy about the video is the carefree and “new age” which could represent the “youthquake” of the 70s. Hopefully, I get to analyse and review more of Kongress’ videos in the future.




London, United Kingdom

The music video for ‘metastasised’ by privacydied & jodimattiaccy starts with what appears to be the artists doing their own thing accompanied by a grunge-type setting, which was enjoyable to see as I love this type of aesthetic. As we progress further into the video, we see privacydied performing the lyrics to the song whilst being in a dark, snowy setting. The overall vibe of this video is alternative, grunge, and unique which is very enjoyable to see in a world so heavily influenced by everyone starting to be themselves.



SHARL - I Fell In Love

Melbourne, Australia

‘I Fell In Love’ by Sharl starts off with zoom-ins of water, buildings and an empty bed which ultimately gives the feel that this video is about a break-up as Sharl sings “I fell in love with the wrong guy”. The video then progresses to show Sharl performing the lyrics to ‘I Fell In Love’ in a luxurious house which was enjoyable to see as it gives a performance narrative to the music video. Alongside this, there are images of colour which was enjoyable to see. If you enjoyed this video like I did make sure to stream Sharl’s album “City Lights”




Harleston, Norfolk, United Kingdom

‘Rather Be Me’ by Jake Aldrige starts with what is supposed to be Jake Aldrige calling Alexa to play his song and Alexa replies “I cannot find that” which is then followed by Jake laying on a bed and watching his own music videos on YouTube. What I liked about this video is the part when Jake Aldrige is singing the lyrics to himself in the mirror as it provides a juxtaposition to the music video. Another thing that I enjoyed about this video and song is that it shows the message of comparing yourself to others is only going to drag you down.




New York City, United States

“KNOW ME” by Lea Anderson starts off with a purple/pink sky which is enjoyable to see as it gives a nice aesthetic. The video then shows Lea Anderson performing this song on Brooklyn Bridge with a back up dancer which ultimately gave the song a sentimental vibe. As the video progresses, we see black and white visuals of New York which reminded me of my trip there over Christmas 2019. The video often has jump cuts between Lea Anderson and her back up dancer which was enjoyable to see in today’s music videos. Overall, this is a fabulous video.



THE BUDDHA PESTS - She Doesn't Bother

London, United Kingdom

This 6 minute and 50 second video starts off with faded moving images of the band ‘The Buddha Pests’ performing their track. As the video progresses, we see a group of people walking into a forest alongside some fast edits of objects such as the railing. This ultimately gives off an alternative and grungy vibe to the video which was enjoyable to see. Further on into the video we see that the band meets up with the actors and gives them a performance in a nightlife setting. Overall, “She Doesn’t Bother” by The Buddha Pests was enjoyable to review.




Raleigh, North Carolina, United States

‘Tuesday’ by Chris McGinnis starts with Chris McGinnis getting out of a chair and performing the lyrics of his track to the camera. Further on into the video we see that he is accompanied by a band, and he then goes on to playing a guitar. This could show that he is musically versatile and that he knows a lot about his music. As the video progresses onwards, we see that Chris McGinnis is performing in the rain which gives the video a dramatized effect and adds to his storyline and concept further. In conclusion, this video is one to watch.



BEAT THE DRUM - It's All Gonna Go

London, United Kingdom

‘It’s All Gonna Do’ by Beat The Drum opens with a man in a luxury apartment facing a window and drinking. This video has samples of many Hollywood films which is good for movie lovers and fanatics as they can spot their favourite films. What I like about the video is that the scenes match the lyrics of the music video and that reflects aspects of life. Another thing to mention is that the clips are edited in time to the video so the audience can understand what this video is about. In conclusion, this video was very good to review.



RICH CHAMBERS - You're A Nice Guy But...

Vancouver, Canada

``You're A Nice Guy But…” by Rich Chambers starts off with what appears to be Rich walking down the street explaining the story of a Rejection. The video then progresses to have people miming the lyrics “You’re A Nice Guy But…”. Further on into the video, we witness that Rich is on a dating site back at home, this could be due to how he wants to be in love with someone even though he was rejected. The video then flips as he ends up rejecting one of the characters named “Shelley” and therefore the video ends with “Welcome to the friendzone.”




Amsterdam, Netherlands

‘Fear Of Fond Farewells’ by Subterranean Street Society is a live music video which gives off a performance narrative to the music video which is rare to see in recent music videos. This video often switches between a close shot of the lead singer of Subterranean Street Society and a long shot of him playing guitar which presents him to be versatile with his music and work. The lighting of this video is dim and mellow which gives it a calm and intimate vibe. In conclusion, this video is one to watch.


  • KONGRESS - Summer Days


  • SHARL - I Fell In Love

  • JAKE ALDRIDGE - Rather Be Me

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