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WORC Blends Hardcore Rock and Indie Ideals in "Feel the Sound

WORC’s blend of hardcore rock and indie ideals makes for fantastic listening. ‘Feel The Sound’ bursts from the gate blending the tones of punk and grunge together for a smashing hit with heft. The vocals hit that indie spot. They find the melody, they hold the core of the song together with just enough attitude, just enough magic, then they burst into the chorus. The song comes together, guitars clash with one another, the bass finds a mark and slams against it. The percussion flares, toms roll, cymbals crash. The vocals dodge and weave, finding the gaps for harmonies and finding a way through the maze. It’s stunning, a wall of sound, so cohesive and so manic. A punk rose garden.

‘Feel The Sound’ has you do exactly that. You feel it, the energy, the pulsing rhythms, the fire in the gut of the track. WORC puts everything into their music, and it is so pure we are lucky enough to get some of it on the other side. A stellar track from a stellar artist.



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