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WORC's 'Make the Wait' Captivates with a Fresh Blend of Indie Rock, Neo-Rock, and Unstoppable Energy

WORC’s ‘Make the Wait’ is a single that boasts a classic sound fuelled by modern emotion and ambition. The guitar in the back drones and rises. It’s got classic blues grit behind it, all swollen and oozing tonal goodness. The guitar lets go when the melody picks up and the percussion falls in line. The vocals slam into the instrumental at great speed, breaking down all of your conceptions. First, it was modern punk with some blues flare. Now it moves into indie rock. The speed is eternal and the atmosphere it brings to the track sends shivers down my spine.

‘Make the Wait’ is of a new blend of indie rock that I am very much in love with. Neo-rock almost, modern-post-rock definitely. It takes the energy of rock and squares it. It takes the instruments and breaks them. It takes the simple core and refines it further. WORC is delivering true music in a form so raw it’s primal, and it is an utter pleasure to experience.



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