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WORLD MUSIC - 13/05/2022


BrandosLife - Mistakes

London, United Kingdom

Credit - Jaya Chaggar & Deka Elmi

BrandosLife talks all things crush related in his single entitled 'Mistakes' The artist states that "this release was written after being used and abused over the potential of a crush instead of focusing on what they could bring to the table at the time. Spoiler: not much." OUCH. This is an Afropop record that plays on the themes of manipulation, heartbreak and a dash of pettiness. We're all petty and times let's not pretend. If you're in the mood for a bit of bitterness and a dance at the same time this is your track for real. Great track!


Jacqueline Loor - Nada Mas

Miami, Florida, United States

Credit - Hector Socorro

Jacqueline Loor and Enrique Lloreda met on a Facebook group where musicians from all around the world come together collaborate. This song entitled 'Nada Mas' is the love child of these two musical minds. Opening with strings and a heavy hispanic influence you can't help but get lost in this track! Jacqueline Loor informed us that her influences include artists such as Karol g, Greeicy and Shakira. I can definitely hear the Shakira influence in this track. Enrique Lloreda created the instrumental track in his hometown Colombia and the melody and vocals were created by Jacqueline Loor in

Tenerife, Spain. I love this one!


Tang. - Broken Promise

Happy Valley, Hong Kong

Tang is an independent recording artist based in Hong Kong. This track entitled "Broken Promise" was a song written by Tang when he was 20, freshly out of his first queer relationship. Ironically, parts of the song was recorded in his ex's closet in NYC, while other parts were recorded on analogue reel-to-reel tape as an audio experiment for a university project. The track opens with all things emotion in the form of a piano melody before taking a turn to RNB/electronic in a twist I wasn't expecting. This is a great track. Click the link below to hear it.


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