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Wotts’ Latest Single “wheel” Balances Retro with Contemporary

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Canadian duo Wotts is back with their latest single, “wheel”. Breaking away from their usual 80’s aesthetic, the track still showcases the band's goal of blending retro elements with contemporary pop music. Inspired by acts like Dayglow and Djo, the song takes on a modern Beatles-like sound.

According to bassist and guitarist Ricky 100, the band is having fun exploring new sounds and building an atmosphere with their music. Vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Jayem states that "wheel" stays true to their formula, incorporating old and new elements to create a unique sound.

The track is produced by Jayem and is about surrendering to life and mortality. While Wotts is known for making songs about love and heartbreak, "wheel" takes on a more profound theme. This time around, the band opted for a live, organic recording, bringing in other musicians to help give the song an orchestral vibe.

This release is a refreshing departure for Wotts, showcasing their growth as musicians and their willingness to take risks. With its catchy melody and relatable lyrics, the single is sure to be a hit. Don't miss out on this must-listen track from one of Canada's up-and-coming indie pop bands! "Wheel" is another example of what Wotts has to offer, whilst yet again failing to disappoint. Smashing.


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