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Ottawa, Canada

Credit - Eric Dolan

‘SOMETHING’ is the new single from synth-pop hard hitter Wotts. The single is bold, warm and instrumentally vibrant, each sound is unique and has flair, ringing across the soundscape with clarity and purpose. The textural balance matched with the pace of the song is also wonderful to get completely lost in. The song is cathartic, dealing with acceptance in life and knowing that sometimes things just aren’t meant to be. But that’s okay, and Wotts’ ‘SOMETHING’ shows us why.

The song starts strong, feinting into a hard bash of synth and drums. The vocals are conversational and smooth, they fill you up like foam in a cup, washing the instrumental with fizz and tying the whole song together in its sound. It feels summery and bright. The chorus beefs up the drums and the melody marches in time with a catchy mantra that is sure to wow you. It's not all blow your socks off synth, Wotts knows that would be too much. The song breaks down to a quieter section to give some relief before blowing up one final time for a chorus to end it all. The song fades out with some found audio adding a lot of personality to the piece.

Overall, smashing tune. One of those songs that deals with an upsetting subject in a lighthearted way. Get over a breakup song, or just have a swell day song? ‘SOMETHING’ is for you. - FREDDIE MCKEE


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