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Wrong Turn': AMONG THE MASSES' Latest Release Is a Dark, Uplifting Synthetic Rock Single

AMONG THE MASSES 'Wrong Turn' Single Cover Art: A Dark and Moody Design Featuring a Chrome-Work Synth Sound That Sets the Tone for the Track's Powerful and Uplifting Vocals.

AMONG THE MASSES latest release, ‘Wrong Turn,’ is a dark yet uplifting synthetic rock single that bolsters the soul and gives me goosebumps (those harmonies just hit different). First, the beat hits you, hard and fast, supported by a syncopated synth sound that comes out of the chrome-work. The world begins to spin around you. Pads, bells, keys, bass. It all rises from the asphalt to stand sentinel with the vocals. They come in calm, powerful, full of heart and humanity. The last bastion of life in this dystopian world. They

sing of mistakes, forgiveness and hope. They pull a charm from the future that looked so bleak. They shine a spotlight on the dark.

‘Wrong Turn’ feels like a modern Horrors track mixed with the best of Depeche Mode. It's dark, lively, interesting and wholly captivating. The deepest parts of the track fuel me with passion, and I keep coming back for more. A devilishly complex single.



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