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Tamara Jenna

May 5, 2022


Madi Saskia presented the I AM ME live showcase on Thursday night to celebrate emerging musical talent in collaboration with Mahalia though the TOUGH AS YOU Dr Martens initiative. This was a night packed with pure talent straight out of the West Midlands. After a flood of response to an open call for applicants, the final eight were selected to take part in a series of workshops and masterclasses on 3rd May. Following on from this, these eight artists were invited to take the stage at The Rainbow Digbeth on 5th May to show Birmingham exactly what they've got to offer in a night that you really should not have missed! So who were the eight? These golden ticket holders included Pheleba, Jordvn Emanuel, Afro Queen, Lasse, Shandanan, Toldyaa, Lahlia and T.ACE. All fresh out of the West Mids and ready to go, I got a sneaky glimpse of a few rehearsals from T.ACE, Shandanan and Lahlia and man I was blown away (I think I was standing against the wall in the corner at one point).

T.ACE takes the stage during rehearsals (Photo Credit, Tamara Jenna)

Lahlia wowed us with her vocals as Mahalia watched - (Photo Credit - Tamara Jenna)

The whole atmosphere behind the scenes was nothing but humble and had a real sense of community spirit that filled the room with nothing but support and love for music. Madi Saskia and Mahalia are a real credit to Birmingham and the rest of the West Midlands for the way that they have brought opportunities to underground artists through this mentorship programme. People who may not have been heard were heard and are heard thanks to the collaboration between these two strong inspirational women.

As the time came closer for doors to open I must have grabbed at least two rounds to avoid the imminent rush to the bar. Tickets had sold out and the place filled and FAST. The artists' took to the stage in between several sets by the DJ and the place was vibin the whole night through. Mahalia stuck around to watch as the acts performed - something which is to be admired about her.

As the night went on, there were a lot of familiar artists to be seen as well as fresh faces.

DJ Megaboss, Indigo Marshall, Tamara Jenna

In Part 2 I'll be sharing an interview with Madi Saskia as well as catching up with Toldyaa to give you some insight into where they want to see Birmingham and the West Mids in 5 years time. Catch ya later.

Make sure that you get familiar with the Golden 8!

Instagram -@pheleba @jordvnemanuel @afroqueenmusic @lasse_officialgram @shandanan @toldyaartist @lahliacole @t.ace4

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