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As the vibrant hues of April unfold, heralding a season of renewal and boundless creativity, TJPL News Magazine is elated to present an edition that resonates with the rhythm of innovation and the harmonious blend of past, present, and future in the music industry. This issue is a celebration of the artists and visionaries who, through their unparalleled talent and fearless explorations, continue to shape the sonic landscapes of our lives.


Leading our journey this month is Gia Lily, our cover artist, whose latest masterpiece, "Unstable", is a testament to her evolving artistry. With her feature film debut and the quest for a distinctive sound, Gia exemplifies the courage and introspection that define the essence of true musical innovation.


This issue shines a spotlight on the groundbreaking collaborations that epitomize the spirit of partnership in the music industry. From the dynamic union between Sean Kingston and Jordan Bakewell to the innovative collaboration between Snoop Dogg and LIL CREEPY 1 on 'Cigarillo Blunt RAPS', these alliances showcase the transformative power of bringing together diverse musical worlds.


In a deeply insightful piece, we join forces with Wizdom Layne, Deputy Director at Sound Connections. Through partnerships with Tileyard, the Prince's Trust, Hospital Records, and the MOBO Unsung initiative, Wizdom has tirelessly worked to democratise access to the creative industries for aspiring artists. We caught up with Wizdom to demystify the complex world of the music business for independent artists. From the significance of the Brit Awards to navigating the industry’s intricate dynamics, this interview offers actionable advice, education, and a fresh perspective on carving a successful path in today’s music scene.


The BBC's "This Town", created by Steven Knight, offers an enthralling look into the musical heartbeat of the West Midlands. This series not only celebrates the region's rich musical heritage but also casts a spotlight on the stories of ambition and community that fuel the creative spirit.


Our feature on the live performances at the O2 Academy Birmingham by South Arcade, Tropic Gold, and Beren Olivia captures the electrifying essence of live music. These events not only highlight the emerging talents gracing our stages but also remind us of the irreplaceable energy and connection fostered by live performances.


We are also thrilled to celebrate the latest release from Grammy-nominated producer Chris "Big Duke" Malloy, whose collaborations with industry titans like Kanye West, The Game, and 21 Savage have left an indelible mark on the music world. His new project is a masterclass in production, weaving together intricate soundscapes that underscore his pivotal role in defining contemporary music.


As you immerse yourself in the stories, interviews, and reviews within these pages, we invite you to explore the sounds and narratives that make up our shared musical universe. May this issue inspire you, challenge you, and above all, resonate with the rhythm of your own journey through the ever-evolving world of music.


  • All magazines will be dispatched on or around 8th April

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