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23 Fields Ushers in 'To Follow This Year's Fashion' with the Striking Single 'Berlin' - A Fusion of Folk and Revelry

Hastings-based alternative folk ensemble, 23 Fields, is set to captivate the hearts of music lovers with their highly anticipated album 'To Follow This Year's Fashion,' featuring the vibrant lead single 'Berlin'.

23 Fields, the distinguished alternative folk group hailing from Hastings, announces the release of their forthcoming album "To Follow This Year's Fashion," set to enchant listeners on April 1st, 2024. With their roots deeply embedded in folk, the ensemble crafts a rich tapestry of sounds, combining folksy vibes with a dash of Americana, encapsulated in the album's jaunty lead single, "Berlin."

"Berlin," with its mesmerizing blend of acoustic brilliance and subtle electric piano touches, sets the tone for the album. The track resonates with the band's early days of pub busking, bringing a warm, convivial bar atmosphere to life through its infectious rhythms and tender violin melodies, paired with distinctively raspy vocals. The opening is curious through its use of folk influence mixed with a gritty rock vocal. Staccato strings mix with a bluesy bassline and soft rock drumming to create a true fusion of uniqueness. 23 Fields certainly bring something unique to the table here.

"To Follow This Year's Fashion" is an odyssey through a myriad of influences spanning culture, music, and life itself. The album, comprising 13 tracks, serves as a vibrant showcase of the band's eclectic inspirations and personal reflections, from love and life to whimsy and roots. It's a heartfelt ode to the human experience, promising to resonate deeply with a diverse audience.

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The creation of "To Follow This Year's Fashion" marks a significant milestone in 23 Fields' musical voyage. From their modest beginnings with small busking sessions and teenage rock bands to significant life experiences such as working in A&E and volunteering for the RNLI, the band's rich history culminates in this project. A serendipitous encounter over a haircut was the catalyst for the formation of this ensemble, leading them to this momentous point in their career.

As 23 Fields unveils "To Follow This Year's Fashion" to the world, the ensemble invites fans and new listeners alike to join them in celebrating the album's release and embarking on a series of live performances across Hastings. With "Berlin" leading the charge, the album promises to be a landmark in the band's journey, weaving stories and sounds that span the spectrum of human emotion and experience.

Genres: Alt-Folk, Folk, Folk Pop

Mood: Easy Listening, Nostalgic, Acoustic

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