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It's integral to our service that you fully know how our submission process works so let's get into details.

We ask that you make something called an 'Assessment Contribution'.

An Assessment Contribution is a payment made by Artists and/or Representatives to cover the time taken for us to consider any form of coverage through our platform. 

We will listen to your music thoroughly and provide feedback directly to you. 

If you are accepted for your preferred coverage option we will contact you directly via this website and no further charge is required. 

If you are not accepted or we feel that you are a better fit for one of our other services then we will inform you. 

Either way, we will listen to your music and we will provide you with valuable feedback. 

Why is there an Assessment Contribution?

To cover the time taken by our team to listen to your work, go through your Press Kits, make an assessment and provide you with the feedback that you deserve. 

Select an item (£)

Alternatively you can submit to over 200 curators through the link below. (Please note that this doesn't guarantee that your submission will reach us but if it does and we like what we hear then we can make you a contribution based offer for coverage

Thanks for your talent!

What's the difference between submission methods? 


Submit to us through our website -You reach out to us and we assess submissions from you

Submit through alternative avenues - We reach out to you if we think that you're a fit for our platform

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