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7000APART - Feel Your Feelings - Side A - EP REVIEW


Feel Your Feelings - Side A

Stockholm, Sweden

Credit - Official Snap Studio Green Bay, Wisconsin

7000APART has been a regular feature of TJPL NEWS. Over the last half a year or so, I've been watching their musical journey closely anticipating the release of a longer project from the duo.

Released on December 6th, 'Feel Your Feelings - Side A' is the latest six-track project from 7000 apart which offers listeners a range of listens from pop to rock. The pair who is originally from Stockholm, Sweden have teamed up with Grammy Winning Producer/Songwriter 'FEMKE' in Nashville to bring you a project that oozes with rich-sounding compositions.

'Feel Your Feelings' holds a powerful message in its title alone. The title of this A Side originated from a time of darkness and healing whilst participating in therapy allowing for an honest and relatable collection of feelings to fuel the roots of its lyrics.

'Stand Together' opens the project with comfort and ambience. Written during the time of the 2020 US Presidential elections, the song aims to unite all walks of life. Emotional guitar riffs offer a dark emo rap/emo pop basis for the production.

Trap soul vocal chops bring out the emotion of the song along with a transition in between almost folk influences. This is a strong opening track. It isn't until the second half of the piece that listeners are introduced to percussion in this progressive production.

‘No is a Nice Word’ wraps the feelings of a break-up with the clear statement that sometimes saying no produces the best outcome. In a production that hints at catchy melodies with similarities to Ed Sheeran and Billie Eilish, this song also delves into the sound of the 00s with contagious basslines and super slick electric guitar solos. There’s also a haunting echo within the vocals that hints at the darkness of Halsey. This is a stunning piece that will suit dark pop lovers! I’m sold.

‘Hope’ marks the debut release of this couple. Released in January 2020, ‘Hope’ was conceived out of the first collaboration between the duo and producer Femke. With a cinematic opening, this song captures the attention of listeners with intrigue. As the vocals enter the production, folk-pop vocal layers ease the audience before lifting into a drum roll of cinematic production. A slow-burning production yet a must-listen to!

‘Whole Lot Left To Lose’ is a cross-emotion whirlwind with easy-going melodies, a whistle hook and trap percussion loops, dark lyrical content and melodic electric guitar riffs. This song mixes the relaxation of artists such as Jack Jones with the darkness of Halsey.

‘Player 2’ continues along the path of confessional darkness – full of questions, longing for answers and a gorgeously cinematic backing. This song is one that needs to find its way into a movie somewhere somehow. In a mix of dark pop and twee influence, this cinematic track is one for anybody who enjoys a growing cinematic production and those who have ever felt second best.

Concluding this A side is a track named ‘End of the Tunnel’, a song which was written during a spell of depression. The song presents itself in a ballad format, containing only vocals a piano and a cello. Offering a raw yet motivational message, ‘End of the Tunnel’ stamps what appears to be the end of a healing journey whilst leaving listeners feeling understood, uplifted and calm.

‘Feel Your Feelings’ is a project which will aid the healing of many whilst offering comfort in their solitude. From the cinematic to the low scale, these six songs express exactly how mental health struggles can manifest into the most beautiful of arts.

A stunning collection of songs from beginning to end – remember to ‘Feel Your Feelings’.

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