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9 O'CLOCK NASTY - Low Fat Jesus


Low Fat Jesus

Leicester, United Kingdom

Rock isn’t enough all of the time. Don’t get me wrong I live for it. But sometimes you need it to kick you in the teeth and run away laughing. You need it to live in the moment and be rough with it. That’s when you turn to bands like Nine O’Clock Nasty and their latest single, ‘Low Fat Jesus.’ It's a rock song, but everything is expanded. It’s louder, faster; the guitars are richer, the bass is rougher. In the chorus, vocal layers chant and shout, sending the melody hurtling at you. It's unavoidable. You get hit square in the brain and there the hook will stay. In the verse everything slows, it breathes. Not for long. Bang! Chorus again. Solo. Shout. Scream. Whoosh!

Nine O’Clock Nasty’s ‘Low Fat Jesus’ did exactly what I wanted it to. It took me by the collar of my shirt, threw me out a window, and then preceded to party on in my apartment without me. That’s a rock band, that’s a rock song.



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