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9 O’Clock Nasty Strikes Again with ‘Disco Investors’

 Nine O’Clock Nasty’s Disco Investors Cover Art

9 O’Clock Nasty have pushed out another rampaging single, this time titled, ‘Disco Investors.’ The bold sounds that 9 O’Clock Nasty have been cultivating for a time now come at you full speed. The light show of rock and roll blended with contemporary rock vibes gives this single one hell of a hook and one hell of a sound.

The beat catches you. It has a groove to it. The instruments are blaring, guitars squealing, bass rattling. The instrumental is about to go off the rails. The vocal catches it partway, it grabs the reigns and pulls it back on track. The whole song is propelled by a thunderous power that lives in the core of the tune. It's bright, upbeat and electric. 9 O’Clock Nasty have found a hole in the new-punk-rock space and are making it their own. ‘Disco Investors’ has the punk attitude, the rock volume and the creativity to send it into the stratosphere. A great track performed to the brink.



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