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Acoustic, Indie Rock & Guitar Riffs - 20/05/2022



Shady Oaks - Numb

Denver, United States

Shady Oaks is a high energy heavy blues rock band from Denver, CO. Claiming two years into the scene, they are seeing some serious success in Colorado. Opening with a bass solo sets the scene for the eerie sound that is to come in this piece. This is a funky indie rock piece that is packed with gorgeous guitar riffs and a combination of male and female vocals. The vocals bounce off each other to create something sonically amazing. I'm all for energy and this track just ticked every box in my brain. This is my favorite submission this week so..SHADY OAKS TAKES NUMBER 1 SPOT THIS WEEK.



Cities in Dust - The Other Son

Reading, United Kingdom

Reading based band 'Cities in Dust' have released their latest single today entitled 'The Other Son'. We were blessed enough to hear a pre release of this track over at TJPL NEWS this week! This song opens with an acoustic folk feel to it through the entrancing guitar plucks. A minimalistic use of instruments offer something personal in its opening before progressing into a more indie-rock pice through the inclusion of electric guitar riffs. The vocals are full of feeling. This track develops as it goes on offering a harmonica solo and a ride of bass guitar. Definitely one for our Top 10.Click the link below to show some love, you won't regret it!



Apple Shakers - Silhouette

London, United Kingdom

Opening with a short acapella 'Silhouette' by Apple Shakers offers a dark indie rock track that is eerie in vocals and the use of instrumentation. The track develops in an interesting way, whilst keeping to a dark space. The distorted and harsh electric guitar offers a rhythm that matches the staccato effect of the vocals. The heavy bass elements in the verses give us a hint of 'Muse' in sound. The way that the track lifts and drops are captivating and effective. This track is mixed well and the lyrics are clear. Love this one. Make sure that you click the link below if you're into heavier indie rock. Great work!



Joshua Woo - Sunflower Seeds

London, United Kingdom

Joshua Woo is a singer/songwriter from London, Uk. No stranger to the UK music scene his previous single Beyond The Glass received radio play from BBC Introducing. His recent single that has been released TODAY is called 'Sunflower Seeds' This is a summer bop about personal growth, taking care of yourself, and the endless fight for freedom. It's entirely self-produced and performed by the artist himself. This is a great track to get on your playlists especially if you're all for self-growth (who isn't?) Click the link to hear it for yourself!



Copperstone - My Old Friend

Pittsburgh, United States

Copperstone sent us their track entitled 'My Old Friend' this week. Written and dedicated to a loss incurred by their band's guitarist, 'My Old Friend' blends Acoustic & Folk with an Alternative Country style to embark the listener on a nostalgic journey of love & loss. This is a beautiful folk inspired acoustic piece, full of intricate guitar plucks we find ourselves dreaming along to the story that is being told in the lyrics. A reflective piece full of beautiful guitar solos and riffs. As the tack develops we hear the introduction of electric guitar and a piano solo to fade out with, This is a perfectly produced piece,.



Stacey Jackson - Flipside - Acoustic

London, United Kingdom

Stacey Jackson’s latest single FLIPSIDE has been reimagined into a breathtaking new acoustic version. Blending new meaning into the 80s nostalgia-hitting single with empowering lyrics about taking risks and being true to yourself. This track opens with the moving melodies of an acoustic piano. You can hear the meaning behind the lyrics in this stripped-back piece. I love the message behind the song and the backing vocals are gorgeous. This is a track that will leave you in your feels and thinking for sure. Beautifully elegant and executed to perfection, this one deserved a spot this week.



Strange Dimensions - Beauty in Crime

Greenock, United Kingdom

Strange Dimensions formed during lockdown and are already beginning to make waves in the Glaswegian

music scene and beyond! 'Beauty in Crime' is a track that is packed with an energy that is guaranteed to get a croud moving. Offering a smooth stripped down break we hear something that gives the listener a different feel before going back to full blown rock and roll. Again, we're given a break to enjoy another smooth guitar riff before ending on the high energy that was found in the opening verse. A brilliant track. Click the link below if you're in the mood for some high energy indie rock!



Jeremy Engel - Tell You Ma

Dublin, United Kingdom

French-Born singer-songwriter Jeremy Engel bleeds his heart for Ireland with his latest pop-rock single 'Tell You Ma’. Exuding feelings of escapism, the lyrics reflect this artist’s personal journey as a man of the world that couldn’t help but be drawn back to the country of Ireland. A UN conference interpreter by day, Jeremy’s work has immersed him in cultures from the furthest reaches of the globe but inside, he felt a calling to Ireland. This track does not hold back at all! Opening with strength we hear heavy riffs alongside thrashing drums. I love the vibe that this track gives off. The vocals are clear and the instrumentation is great. The energy of the two solos showcase something spectacular in almost a standoff mid way through the track. The energy that this creates is immense, intense and genius! This track definitely deserved its spot in our Top 10 this week.



Fly Trap Honey - Run

Durham, United Kingdom

Fly Trap Honey have released their song 'Run' today and us over at TJPL NEWS loved it so much that we had to give it a spot in our Top 10 this week. Fly Trap Honey are a 5-member 3-piece indie and alt-rock band. Formed in 2019 by students at Durham and Newcastle Universities. The Covid-19 pandemic failed to stop the group from producing their music and saw them recording from bedrooms around the country. the band put out Stolen Days as a debut single. Desipite the difficulties ,the band were chosen as one of Spotlight Music Newcastle’s ‘Ones to watch for 2021’. This is a real cool track that gives you words that you can't help but listen to alongside guitar riffs that blow your mind at all the right times. Definitely check them out!



onedaybear - Marry You

Manchester, United Kingdom

onedaybear has released 'Marry You' today! This is an upbeat song with nostalgia that blends several different genres from pop rock, indie rock and almost an emo rock hint in vocal performance. I love the guitar riffs! The use of reverb on the guitar offers us a gloomy feel to a track that you would think would be soppy in lyrics. The familiar reference to Spongebob Squarepants stands out. "We live in a pineapple under the sea....the weather might turn cold" I thought that this was a really cool take on something known for being so jolly. Click the link below to hear it for yourselves!



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