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Acoustic, Indie Rock & Guitar Riffs - 20/05/2022



Shady Oaks - Numb

Denver, United States

Shady Oaks is a high energy heavy blues rock band from Denver, CO. Claiming two years into the scene, they are seeing some serious success in Colorado. Opening with a bass solo sets the scene for the eerie sound that is to come in this piece. This is a funky indie rock piece that is packed with gorgeous guitar riffs and a combination of male and female vocals. The vocals bounce off each other to create something sonically amazing. I'm all for energy and this track just ticked every box in my brain. This is my favorite submission this week so..SHADY OAKS TAKES NUMBER 1 SPOT THIS WEEK.



Cities in Dust - The Other Son

Reading, United Kingdom

Reading based band 'Cities in Dust' have released their latest single today entitled 'The Other Son'. We were blessed enough to hear a pre release of this track over at TJPL NEWS this week! This song opens with an acoustic folk feel to it through the entrancing guitar plucks. A minimalistic use of instruments offer something personal in its opening before progressing into a more indie-rock pice through the inclusion of electric guitar riffs. The vocals are full of feeling. This track develops as it goes on offering a harmonica solo and a ride of bass guitar. Definitely one for our Top 10.Click the link below to show some love, you won't regret it!



Apple Shakers - Silhouette

London, United Kingdom