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Drawing inspiration from the majestic Swiss Alps, Adik Angel's 'Up So High' merges atmospheric vocals with captivating instrumentals in this new ambient-electro track.

Adik Angel, renowned for her ambient-electro soundscapes, releases "Up So High" on YouTube, a piece that transcends musical boundaries by integrating atmospheric voices with serene instrumentals. Released on February 25, 2024, this track is part of her celebrated album "On the Move," produced between 2020 and 2024.

"Up So High" is a reflection of Adik Angel's deep connection with nature and her ability to translate scenic beauty into sound. The track, characterized by its lush electronic arrangement and soothing vocal harmonies, is designed to transport listeners to the heights of the Swiss Alps, offering a serene auditory escape.

Adik Angel's process for creating "Up So High" was deeply personal and intuitive, influenced by her frequent travels through the Alpine landscapes. The tranquility and grandeur of these mountains are palpably woven into the melodies and rhythms of the track, making it a profound listening experience.

This release continues to showcase Adik Angel's talent for blending classical influences with modern electronic music, making her compositions both timeless and contemporary. Watch the music video for "Up So High" on YouTube and immerse yourself in the ethereal world created by Adik Angel.

Genres: Ambient, Electro, Instrumental, Cinematic

Mood: Uplifting, Serene, Inspiring, Reflective

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Adik, 'Up So High' is a remarkable fusion of ambient-electro instrumental music, further embellished with atmospheric voices. Could you share with us the initial spark or inspiration behind creating this piece, and how the majestic Swiss Alps influenced its composition?

Yes, the superb landscapes, the Alps, the sun, the colors... getting closer to the sky... are part of the initial inspiration. And for this creation, I believe there were several inspirations at different times. I have had the opportunity to pass through these landscapes many times. And something is built. I can't always explain what exactly makes music created... it was there, simply in my mind. And then it’s one of my creations where everything came very spontaneously. And I am very grateful.

Your music production is known for its end-to-end involvement - from melody conception to final mastering, and sometimes even video creation. Could you take us through your creative process for 'Up So High'? How do you balance the technical aspects of production with the emotional and creative demands of your music?

Yes, as I described just before, for the music everything came very spontaneously, and I recorded the melody and everything else, and after the work of the arrangement, mixing, and mastering I included the title in my album “ON THE MOVE” And for this video, as I had this opportunity to spend many times, and at very diverse times and seasons, in these landscapes, and it is a story that was created... And at the same time the music was on my mind. And immediately the ideas for staging also came into my mind, and I knew exactly where in what place and with what landscape and at what moment we could film, and with what part of the music. And we went several times with my team, we filmed and everything

was there. For the anecdote, part of the sequences were filmed at -10 C ! It wasn’t exactly planned... but we had to do it very quickly ;-)

Musical Evolution and Inspirations: From a young age, you've been exposed to an array of musical styles and cultures, from classical piano to the Pop/Rock culture, and your music today reflects a rich tapestry of influences. How have your Bulgarian roots and diverse musical inspirations shaped your sound, particularly in your latest works and albums like 'EVASIONS'?"

The Bulgarian roots have always been there, and come out whenever possible... especially in terms of rhythm. And I believe that my sound was built in various stages. Everything I played and listened to as a child certainly inspired me in terms of sound colors. Mozart and Bach have always been my favorites. But then, very quickly I had my own melodies and sounds in my mind. And I started to create... The sounds of my first synthesizers (Korg Wavestation, Yamaha DX 7, for example) fascinated me. Each sound gave a new creation. In terms of timbre: I always liked very clean sounds and I liked listening to songs for example: by Phil Collins, Jean-Michel Jarre, and a lot of songs by Michael Jackson, (to name very varied styles). And then the sounds of the Waldorf Q Synthesizer also inspired me a lot... and the EDM or House sounds, ( Like Avicii ) too. And in my recent creations like in EVASIONS for example, I mix all these rhythms, melodies & superimposed layers of sound, and trying to keep the initial creation line. And sometimes I add Bulgarian folk ideas.

Your albums 'Ancient Roots' and 'EVASIONS' showcase a deep connection to your heritage and a broad exploration of genres. What stories or messages do you aim to convey through these albums, and how do they reflect your personal journey and evolution as an artist?

My albums 'Ancient Roots' and 'EVASIONS' serve as a testament to my deep connection to heritage and a broad exploration of genres. Through these albums, I aim to share the ancient musical riches of my culture, even when infused with electro or dance elements.

For instance, the track "Heartbeat" was a creation that emerged effortlessly, with its inspiration drawn from the particular rhythms and vocal styles of Bulgarian folk music, exemplified by the recordings of "Mysteries of Bulgarian Voices." Mixing these traditional elements with electronic sounds and layering them creates a unique fusion that showcases the living essence of ancient art, demonstrating that it remains vibrant even when integrated with modern electronic music technology.

Bulgaria, with the oldest city in Europe, Plovdiv, boasts a rich cultural heritage, intertwined with mythological figures like Orpheus from Greek mythology, adding depth to the narrative woven through my music.

With an impressive portfolio of seven new albums and numerous singles over the past decade, it's clear that your creative well runs deep. Looking ahead, what future projects can your fans anticipate? Are there any new musical territories or collaborations you're excited to explore?

In terms of musical exploration, these projects will continue to traverse various styles and atmospheres, maintaining the essence of my signature sound while introducing fresh elements. As for collaborations, new ideas are in the pipeline, promising exciting new musical territories to explore.

I'm thrilled to announce that the remix of "On the Move" has just been released in April 2024, marking the beginning of its promotion.

Stay tuned for more updates and releases as I continue to embark on this musical journey ...

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