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Aliens Don't Ring Doorbells Shines with New Single 'Amanda': A Prelude to the Upcoming Album

ALIENS DON'T RING DOORBELLS: Riding the Waves of Success with "Amanda"

Band members of Aliens Don't Ring Doorbells single 'Amanda' Cover Art

The Bahamas-UK-Spain trio, Aliens Don't Ring Doorbells (ADRD), have brought their "A-game" in 2023. Their latest single, 'Amanda', is a radiant addition to their already illustrious discography, building anticipation for their much-awaited sophomore album due this September.

Musical Evolution: The band's journey has been meteoric, each single offering a fresh glimpse into their evolving soundscape. Their earlier release, 'Are You Crazy', carried the noble message of mental health awareness, which speaks volumes about the band's commitment to not just music but vital societal issues. With 'Amanda', the band has once again cemented their reputation for crafting anthems, with their signature sparkling sound punctuated by vivid guitars and rhythmic drum beats.

The Magic Behind the Music: The song's magic doesn't just stem from ADRD's prowess. Roy Stride of Scouting For Girls lent his prodigious touch in producing 'Amanda'. The recording sessions in Valencia hold a special Easter egg for enthusiasts: the distinctive sound of George Harrison’s Organ. Furthermore, the album boasts production credits from the acclaimed Spanish producer, Marc Martin, who has worked with Latin music icons like Christina Aguilera and Marc Anthony.

A Stellar Stage Presence: Witnessing ADRD live is an experience in itself. After sharing the stage with Scouting For Girls and electrifying audiences in LA, the band went on a whirlwind European tour with Roachford. Their stage journey also included performances alongside Boyzlife, a super-duo comprising members from legendary boybands Westlife and Boyzone. Their return to the UK saw them headline shows, reinforcing their charisma and connection with the audience.

Accolades and Achievements: ADRD's debut album 'Arrival' in 2020 marked their grand entry into the pop-rock scene, receiving widespread acclaim. Their ascent in the US charts is nothing short of phenomenal. Songs like 'Daylight' and 'It’s Your Night' from the album have clinched spots in the Top 30 of the Billboard Adult Contemporary charts. Their subsequent single, ‘Hello 2 You’, repeated this feat in 2022, heralding the band's consistency in churning out hits.

Aliens Don't Ring Doorbells is not just a band; they're a musical phenomenon. With 'Amanda', they've once again showcased their ability to blend infectious melodies with poignant messages. As they gear up to release their second album, fans and enthusiasts alike wait with bated breath, ready to be serenaded by the trio's enchanting harmonies.


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