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Aimée's "Hurt Like Hell" is a New-Pop Powerhouse Hit That Will Lift Your Heart

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The vocal harmonies in the chorus rise like the tide, swelling over the course of the track, lifting your heart up with them. A beat that sticks like tree sap, and an instrumental that supports it all, spinning myriad plates and never breaking a sweat. All of these things point to a new single from the new-pop powerhouse, Aimée: titled, ‘Hurt Like Hell.’ The track is full of bright lights, it feels like you’re up on stage in front of thousands of lighters, all glowing in the night. The melody is warm, exotic and bouncing. All the things you need to become completely addicted to the single. How would I know? Well. I've already listened to it five times over.

The confidence is what powers ‘Hurt Like Hell.’ Aimée knows it's good and she is here to sing it, loud, proud and to anyone who will listen. The track glimmers in her radiant shine. A force of nature with preternatural talent. Aimée’s ‘Hurt Like Hell’ is a surefire hit and should be on your favourites list yesterday.



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