Hard Sell

Divinópolis, Brazil

‘Hard Sell’ is a rip-roaring tear in the fabric of sonic space that you are sitting comfortably in.

Ainheeky explodes into the scene with tantalising highs and a drum pattern that will keep you on your toes, pushing pop and rock to their limits. - FREDDIE MCKEE

Giving feelings of mid-term Rush and ELO wrapped into one punky outfit, ainheeky’s ‘Hard Sell’ is brash, brave and pretty darn catchy. The vocals push the song through keeping the melody in tow, writing high on the walls about relationships and sometimes space travel. It’s a weird and wonderful single and we all know I have a soft spot for weird and wonderful.

The song slaps you awake as it starts. The tell-tale high vocals that will get you to ELO backed by only drums is a surefire way to start a song and fast. The rest of the instrumental slides in after the splash and you get to experience a wild pop-rock sound space that sits in the high register but comes down for effect every so often, only to ramp back up again to keep the pace moving. The percussion on the track is brilliant, precise and dynamic, it feels as if you never quite hear the same beat more than once which adds a whole lot of texture to the song and it deserves it. ‘Hard Sell’ might be the title, but it sure makes for easy listening.