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Speak No Evil

Glasgow, United Kingdom

Credit - Ciorstaidh Monk

Glasgow-based, multi-instrumentalist producer and hip hop artist #BeccaStarr released her 10-track album #SpeakNoEvil just a few days ago on the 19th of August. Opening the project is a track called #Intro(Warm Up) here we get a glimpse into the direction of the album. We hear an old school cassette entering a player followed by a spoken narrative from the artist - slowly introduced is the backing instrumentation in line with spoken word that begins to develop ryhms and flows. I really like the way that this track develops, it's clever, engaging and fresh. #IForgot begins with an oriental synth melody and a boom bap drum loop. #BeccaStarr introduces her vocal ability before taking a turn into perfectly crafted rap verses. I love this track - it implements alternative R&B and Hip-Hop in a way that I haven't heard before. #Tides has a choppy synth melody and funky bassline that are accompanied by woodblock percussion and subtle trap drum loops. Here we hear a faster flow to the rap vocals of #BeccaStarr. #FearOfDeath puts acoustic piano at the forefront of its production, this song develops into a dark pop track that hits the soul. The vocals are great! I love the fighter side that we get to hear from #BeccaStarr in the hook and the contrast of the rap verses. #I'mStillBreathing takes listeners into the meditative realm of Native American wind instrumentation. This track is really interesting - the contrast between the speeds of the instrumentation and the vocals are incredible on the ears of the audience. You will love this track for sure! #ITSDARKUPTHERE marks the second half of the album. This piece takes a step towards darkness through its cinematic strings and bass notes - the lyrical content here is inspirational - the flow becomes a speech here in a message that equally needs to be said by the artist and heard by the listener. When you're feeling lost, this is something that you need to hear! #I'llCarryYou(Bro) brings a few guests to the party! Becca Starr is joined by #GLUCO and #KidRobotik in a piece that lifts the energy of the album to a whole new level. In this track we get to hear the classic old school sound of Hip-hop in the form of soulful basslines, catchy key synths and boom bap drum loops. The way that these 3 collaborate on this track offers a whole party in your eardrums and soul. This is my favorite track on the album for sure! #FirstStep is another unique piece - here we hear a twee opening - something that we haven't heard on this project before. Keeping listeners interested this track brings a neo soul sound to the album that takes twists and turns in and out of rap and pop. You get to hear yet another side to #BeccaStarr's vocals. #HalfOfMe brings listeners the fresh sound of #WeeD to accompany #BeccaStarr - in this track we hear yet another sound!!! This time listeners are offered more of a street feel in the form of drill. I love this addition. Concluding the project is #SpeakNoEvil, a song that rests upon acoustic guitar plucks, layered harmonies and later accompanied by slow percussion and rap vocals. This song is completely unique #BeccaStarr. I really love this album - it's great to hear a female rap artist not only shine in the spotlight but to do it with so much authenticity, refusing to conform to one genre or artistic direction that has "been done before". I'm excited to hear more from #BeccaStarr, I believe that it's not the last we will hear from her! The future is bright for #BeccaStarr.



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