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Higher Music State's "Overboard" - A Bold Sonic Adventure

Higher Music State's "Overboard" - A Diverse Spin on Rock

Hailing from London, Oxford, and Liverpool, Higher Music State (HMS) offers a musical phenomenon where the past converges with the present to create a symphony of diverse influences. The band, formed in 2009 by siblings Andrea and Gerard Lewis, along with guitarist Alex Avery has expanded to include Anna Jackson and Calum Bradbury-Sparvell, marking a new era for HMS as they don the name Higher Music State.

"Overboard," the inaugural album from this eclectic collective, recorded at Evolution Studios in Oxford, showcases a blend of rock, indie, electro, acoustic, and folk, defying easy categorisation.

The album kicks off with "Slide Off and Die," a driving indie rock anthem that gets off to a fierce start. A long introduction, mixed with growing energy and long periods of instrumentation. Followed by fusion rock track "Portrait of Henry" it becomes clear that this band have a lot of substance to their art. Off to the Wild West, with twangs and haunting vocals in "Violence." The journey mellows with a stunning angelic acoustic piece"Eiderdown" before heading towards the coast in "Therapy". "Don't Forget the Love" takes a turn back towards an acoustic lane with a lead vocal similar to that of R.E.M.

Things then take an experimental turn with folk tracks "Nature Mother" and "Chasing Nutmeg." They're just so different. It's rock but it's not a bracketed era of Rock, rather, HMS have paved a whole new lane all on their own! "Wine and Whiskey" let the bassline carry the mood and "Slide Rule" brings back the rock energy and the album concludes with the serene angelic sounds of "Principles of Cliff Jumping" and "Poppies."

As you can tell, Higher Music State's "Overboard" is a rollercoaster of emotions wrapped into a digital display of freedom. From the fierce rage of "Slide Off and Die" to the melancholic longing of "Eiderdown," each track is a unique narrative. The band's versatility shines through in their ability to seamlessly shift from high-energy rock anthems to haunting acapella and alternative folk, with each genre-bending contribution reflecting a facet of their collective musical journey. It's a celebration of musical evolution that breaks stagnant boundaries and soars to new heights. This album is a must-listen for anyone seeking a fresh, genre-defying musical experience which rests its foundations on Rock.

There's no doubt that this band is one of a kind - there just can't be anyone else out there who blends influences like this! I look forward to hearing more from Higher Music State in the years to come.

Genres: Rock, Indie, Acoustic, Folk, Alternative

Moods: Energetic, Melancholic, Experimental, Nostalgic, Humorous

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