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In The Dance

Lubbock, United States

Credit - Carley du Menil-Martinez

United States-based #JenniDaleLordBand has been working hard to bring us their latest album. "In The Dance" is a 13-track project that offers a mix of Rock, Rhythm and Blues, Country, and Americana all in one package. Opening the album is a track titled #OnceYouGoBourbon opens with a layered country acapella before developing into an Americana piece that is both uplifting and relaxing. The piece is mixed correctly in a way that allows for the vocals to sit nicely within the piece. You can hear every layer here. A great opener. #BetterThings brings soul rock to the equation through its use of funky Rhythm and Blues guitar riffs and a heavier vocal performance. Of course, the country twang holds the signature sound of the group in this track too! I love the contrast and familiarity that are present within these two opening pieces. #IDon'tWanttoHurtYou offers listeners the first collaborative piece on the project. Here we hear #JenniDaleLordBand work together with #DarrinMorris to bring two distinct sounds to the project. This song offers listeners something old school with a modern twist. #LoveYouLikeYou'reLeavin' is a gorgeous song. The lyrics are emotive and are sung in a way that enhances their meaning. In this song, we get to hear both acoustic and electric guitar as they work together to create two distinct sounds. The percussion here offers shake sprinkles that fill the piece between the chord progression of the guitars and drumming. #LoveWrappedAroundMyFinger brings the Americana theme back into focus. Here we hear a track that is reminiscent of those movie scenes in country bars. A lot of whisky and line dancing came to mind when listening to this track along with this track being performed live. On the rocks for me, please! #LayUsDown showcases a different drumming pattern. Here we get to hear a more energetic drum composition along with country bass and a completely different vocal style. Love it! #ItTakesOnetoKnowOne brings listeners the merging of Country music with a ballad twist. This track features #BillieJo who raises the bar - this song acts as a discussion back and forth. This is a nice little addition to the project. #WhoIUsedtoBe brings an indie pop feel to the album before the uplifting country rock in #TwoLaneKindaDay. #ItFeelsGood is the ultimate rock and roll anthem - good old-school style. The opening guitar riffs lift the energy to a whole other level. This is a track that I guarantee will blow the minds of any audience in a live setting. This is one of my favorite tracks on this album for the sheer electricity felt when listening to it! #TooFamousforMeNow captures the attention of listeners with its harmonics and catchy lyrics. This is a feed good song with high energy. The penultimate piece #IntheDance begins with an acoustic guitar composition that sounds similar to #EdSheeran's hit song #Photograph. As the song develops we get to hear the whole band come together in unity to showcase what their music means to them. You can hear what this track means to the band through the energy and mixing techniques. Concluding with a bang, we're presented with #IWon'tGiveUp. This closing piece offers a mix of high energy with laid-back contemplations. Leaving listeners with one simple message we hear that the band "Won't give up" alongside a moving backing choir style vocal in a piece that oozes with the sauciness of soul rock. This is a whole load of fun and reflection merged into a project that stands out above the crowd for originality and emotion. I thoroughly enjoyed listening to this project and believe that it will be a hit amongst you readers! So, what are you waiting for? Hit the button below and get following the journey of #JENNIDALELORDBAND.



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