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Long Overdue

South Central Pennsylvania, United States

#STEVEYANEK is a familiar sound over at TJPL NEWS - we were lucky enough to grab this artist for an interview back in April after reviewing his track #ICouldUseALittleRain which you can check out using this link - FEATURED ARTIST *STEVE YANEK* ( Now #STEVEYANEK is back with his album #LongOverdue. This project contains 10 tracks that are packed with pure bliss in the form of acoustic rock and Americana. Opening the album is the title track #LongOverdue. This piece sets the mood perfectly in its jolly rock guitar twangs and luscious backing harmonies. The lyrics are easy to grasp and catchy. I love the merging of acoustic and electric guitar within this piece - the perfect start to the project. #LiveNow slows things down giving listeners the ultimate easy-going, easy-listening piece. Again, the layered backing vocals enhance the piece to offer an intimate and emotional feel to the piece along with the slow acoustics. #TiredOfThisAttitude increases the tempo of the album through the soft rock and Americana instrumentation. Making it very clear that he is tired of this attitude we hear the artist vent about the tiredness of repetitive actions but not knowing what to do about it. #AllTheSorrow is a fun track that matches the guitar melodies and vocal execution in a way that makes it very easy for listeners to grasp the rhythm of the track. I love this piece - it's super catchy and easy to listen to. The lyrics have been crafted in a way that offers relatability through storytelling. #Everyone'sCrazyTheseDays is a reflective piece. The instrumentation is slowed right down to allow for the emotion of the acoustics to really shine through along with the vocal content. Slow and steady keys, acoustic guitar, and drums carry the vocals along the river of vocals to offer something relaxing and meaningful here. #OnYourSide brings life to Americana through country twangs and a rock-style vocal performance. I love the vocal versatility that is present in this piece - here the listener gets to experience vulnerable emotions from #STEVEYANEK as he questions why things hurt. This is a beautiful piece. #AboutThisTime takes listeners back to the intimate and vulnerable storytelling that was found in #Everyone'sCrazyTheseDays. It's really nice to hear an artist who can create catchy upbeat songs and equally offer stripped-back emotive pieces too. #YouMoveMe brings something fresh to the album in the form of its opening before progressing into slow rock - this track infuses subtle Americana with soft rock to entice listeners into truly hearing the lyrical content of the piece. The lyrics are stunning - talk of being moved in the right way by a partner, this track is a dedication to the way that the artist feels about his partner. This is a sweet dedication wrapped in the perfect sway-worthy production. I love the guitar riffs in this song! They add a sprinkle of spice to a gorgeous track. The penultimate piece entitled #ThrowMeDownALine really showcases the guitar skills of the artist in a way that completely carries the sound of the piece. This is a song that you need to blast in the car on a long journey with family and friends. It's the perfect piece to bring people together in intimate settings. Closing the album is a song named #Goodbye. This song strips everything down to just the vocals and acoustic guitar plucks. This piece is the perfect closing piece - it leaves a sense of completion both in lyrical content and in composition. #STEVEYANEK is a true inspiration to aspiring soft rock/Americana artists out there.



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