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Patchen Avenue

Brooklyn, New York, United States

Credit - Jeremy Varner

Brooklyn-based artist Alec Berlin describes his latest release as "A quiet, country-inflected instrumental ballad that invites you to reflect, celebrate, and mourn." - A thought-provoking set of words.

This cinematic yet relaxing soft rock meets Americana creation. There are many things that make a great instrumental - the way that the piece transitions to portray moods, the changes in tempos and keys to the way that instruments mix. 'Patchen Avenue' starts with speedy guitar strums and matching drumming which sets listeners up for a sense of excitement. The piece combines acoustic guitar plucks with electric guitar riffs to showcase something truly inspirational. I don't think I have ever heard so many guitar styles and acoustic and electric guitar being composed so flawlessly together. At the risk of sounding messy, Alec Berlin managed to escape the possibility and has produced something that anybody can sit back and enjoy whether you're a guitarist, a fan of guitar or someone who's just looking for an intriguing piece of music.

I love that there is a strong Americana vibe within the main body of the composition and the way that dream pop guitar riffs weave within the production at times.

This is a beautiful track with a lot of riffs to enjoy. Certainly one of my favourite guitar tracks this month. - TAMARA JENNA


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