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Alejandra O'Leary Revives Power Pop with a Modern Twist in 'A Word About It'

Channeling the Spirit of the 90s with Indie Flair, Alejandra O'Leary's Latest Single is a Heartfelt Ode to Melodic Rock
The vibrant cover of Alejandra O'Leary's single 'A Word About It', where past meets present in a harmonious blend of indie rock.
The vibrant cover of Alejandra O'Leary's single 'A Word About It'

When Alejandra O'Leary's "A Word About It" fills the room, it's as though time folds in on itself. Suddenly, you're awash with the same euphoric rush that the best of 90's power pop used to deliver. Alejandra doesn't just tip her hat to the masters of melodic hooks like the Beach Boys or the Beatles; she infuses that time-honoured recipe with an indie spirit that's all her own.

The single is an echo of an era when the air was thick with the scent of vinyl and the heart of rock wasn't afraid to wear its melodic soul on its sleeve. Yet, there’s an undeniable freshness to it, a crisp edge that cuts through the nostalgia and resonates with today’s eclectic tastes. It’s a neat trick, balancing reverence and revolution, but Alejandra does it with a grace that seems almost effortless.

Her voice serves as the centrepiece, a clear beacon amongst the shimmering soundwaves, commanding and tender. It’s a rare treat these days to hear a female voice spearheading indie rock without compromise, without bending to the whims of passing trends. This isn't just a rehash of the pop-rock heyday; it's a reclamation, a reminder of the punchy, gutsy roots of indie music.

Promo Shot of Alejandra O'Leary
Promo Shot of Alejandra O'Leary

Listening to "A Word About It," you're transported to a place where the music is both sanctuary and celebration—a space where the drumbeat compels you to nod along, and the guitar riffs are companions to every emotion stirred up by the lyrics. This isn’t your everyday throwback track; it’s a blend of all that was good back then, served on the platter of the here and now.

Alejandra O'Leary is staking a claim in the indie scene with a sound that's as much about looking back as it is about moving forward. With each note of "A Word About It," she's rewriting the narrative, proving that there’s still a place for the soul-stirring, foot-tapping, rock-out-with-your-heart-out kind of tracks that once defined an era. And in doing so, she's not just recalling the past; she's creating the new classic.

This is defo one for my work travel playlist! So relaxing, laid back, and easy on the soul.

Genre: Indie Rock, Power Pop, Alternative Rock

Mood: Nostalgic, Euphoric, Soulful, Revolutionary, Celebratory, Laid-Back

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