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Alpha Chino's 'Soft Focus': A Brit Rock Fusion with Heart and Soul

Stop, there is rock afoot. A blinding sound that spurs you on, finds the core of you and pushes you to run faster, live brighter, and laugh louder; it’s the stalwart rock from Alpha Chino and their latest single, ‘Soft Focus.’ It holds tones of classic brit rock and brit pop in its roots, but it shifts into something all its own pretty quick. Chugging guitars and massive choruses fade away to reveal subtle and quiet verses that slowly build, causing this desire for more, then you get it and the release is splendid. The song plays, it crashes and swerves into a bridge that will leave you giddy. The breakdown is on another level and you can tell that Alpha Chino are here for the long haul — here to win it.

‘Soft Focus’ is bold, creative, loud and a whole lot of fun. It’s played with soul to the point of perfection. If you liked it, be sure to check out Alpha Chino’s EP, releasing very very soon. It’s gonna be packed with even more great sounds, even more great moments and, hopefully, even more great breakdowns. Fantastic, through and through.



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