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Alta Falls have released a new single and it's a techno-pop blast.


I'm At A Loss

Brisbane, Australia

Alta Falls have released a new single and it's a techno-pop blast. - FREDDIE MCKEE

‘I’m At A Loss’ is a fast-paced melodic tune that will get you moving. The vocals hold the song and cut through the amalgamation of bass, synth and drums, coming together to form a sound that feels whole. Giving vibes of midseason Killers, Alta Falls are producing sounds here that are deserving of far more attention. Take a moment, click the link and listen to ‘I’m At A Loss’ because you’ll be listening to it on every road trip from here on out I bet you.

The song opens with keys, a strong textural contrast to the synth in the back that starts to slowly whisk in the melody. The song swells and bursts like a bubble in a summer puddle and the sounds that come out are amazing. A slight guitar strum, the synth-wave pulse with the bass in the back and drums that kick the whole track into overdrive. When the vocals hit you know that you’re in for a banger, the verse is quiet and builds in layers with harmonies to the chorus that flies through sheets of neon rain over and over again. A smooth bridge keeps the song fresh and then back into that chorus that will stick with you for days. I’m not sorry, sometimes a great song just needs to be heard. ‘I’m At A Loss’ is one of those songs.

Alta Falls are New age Killers. Move over top-ten, make room…


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