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AMY VEE - Jackknife



Newcastle, Australia

Credit - Jamie Gilmore / Studio DC3

Amy Vee presents a sound that is good for the soul. Unequivocally. Her latest single, ‘Jackknife,’ is groovy, funky, and full of jazz tones and funk licks. The percussion underneath is soft and brooding. It pushes and pulls with the rhythm, creating gaps for the bass to walk through, the guitar to play in. Chimes and pads light up the world as the vocal comes into view. It's human and confiding. The lyrics plaster your soul against the back wall as the Vox themselves contort and twist reality. The chorus layers harmonies and guitar to form a soothing wall of sound that beats like a heart and provides like a hand.

‘Jackknife’ is full of musical wonder. Amy Vee knows what it takes to make great music and she has done it here. It's catchy, clever, honest and poetic. Top it all off with some insane vocal performances and incredible instrumental playing and you have yourself a winner. Amy Vee’s ‘Jackknife’ needs your ears on it, and it needs them now!



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