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Lyrics To Her Song

Brooklyn, United States

Credit - Lauren Desberg

The Brooklyn-based pop star on the rise 'Andy Louis' is a solo artist who does it all: vocals, guitar, bass, synth, piano, electronic drums, fx, and production. His newly released single 'Lyrics To Her Song' was recorded and produced in his own bedroom, and unlike many of us artists out there, 'Andy Louis' has managed to hit the nail on the head!

Taking influence from artists such as Daniel Caesar, Mk.Gee and, Photay has seen a soulful element crop up from the roots of this production. A mix of funk, Jaz and soul along with experimental synths make this song one that you can't help but vibe with!

The clicks add a beat for listeners to follow along to and I can imagine a lot of finger-clicking going on! The use of a whammy bar electrifies the funky guitar strums along with some really obscure improvisation in the solos. The dominant percussion adds a Micheal Jackson 'Beat It' feel to the piece. Already making a dominant addition to my own playlist, this song reminds me of a FIFA game soundtrack so I would definitely suggest sync licensing!

I love the creativity within this piece, it's different, catchy and infectious! - TAMARA JENNA

This is a song that speaks about the struggles of a woman navigating life with bravery. I think this is something that deserves to be highlighted as it's extremely refreshing to hear a release from a male that celebrates women rather than objectifying them - I'm sold!


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